OPay POS: How to Apply For, & Get the OPay POS Machine for Your Businesses


For people who want to get the OPay POS machine either to start up a small-scale POS business or as a tool for receiving payments in an already established business, this guide will teach you everything you need to know and the steps to take when applying for an OPay POS machine.

And without further ado, let’s begin. #enjoy.

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Things to take note of before applying for an OPay POS machine

  • You must be an OPay merchant before applying for an OPay POS machine.
  • There are currently three types of OPay POS machines;
    • The traditional type (the old one with buttons).
    • The smart POS machine (the new android-based touch screen machine).
    • The Mini POS machine.
  • OPay currently charges a 0.5% withdrawal fee for every transaction below ₦20,000, and a ₦100 flat rate for any transactions above ₦20,000.
    • For example, for a transaction of ₦5,000, 0.5% is ₦25.
    • So, depending on how much you charge the customer for the said transaction, OPay takes its 0.5% which is ₦25 in this case, and you take the rest.
    • Same thing goes for other transaction amounts below ₦20,000.
  • When applying for an OPay POS machine, you’re required to pay a fee called “the caution fee“, and this amount varies depending on the type of POS machine that you’re applying for.
    • ₦5,000 for the Mini POS machine.
    • ₦22,500 for the traditional POS machine.
    • ₦30,000 for the smart POS machine.
  • This caution fee will be refunded to you anytime you return the OPay POS machine, and in good condition.

So, having known all these things and keeping notes of them, how then do you apply for an OPay POS machine?

Well, that’s simple.

How to apply for an OPay POS machine

Follow these steps to apply for, and successfully get your OPay POS machine.

  • Sign up and log in as an OPay merchant.
  • Apply for a POS machine.
  • Pay the caution fee, and provide other necessary details about you.
  • Wait for approval.
  • Go pick up your POS machine.

Step one: Sign up & login

Download Now: OPay Business app to apply for an OPay POS machine.

First of all, download the OPay Business app from the Play Store, or by following the link above.


After downloading and have installed the app, open it, and if you already have an existing OPay account you created using the regular OPay app, all you have to do this time is select “Merchant” from the OPay Business app login page, input your login details “phone number & password“, and log in.


But if you don’t have an OPay account before, you can easily create one by selecting “Sign Up” from the OPay Business app login page.

Step two: Applying for a POS machine

When you’ve successfully logged in to the OPay Business app, you should have a homepage that looks like this.

From there, tap on the icon that says “My POS“, and tap “Apply for POS” on the next page that will be shown to you.

After that, you will be required to select the type of POS machine that you want to apply for, and also the location where the machine will be picked up, and click on “Next“.


After that, you’ll be required to provide your bank statement report from the last 2-3 months, one or two emergency contacts depending on the type of POS machine that you’re applying for, and click “Submit“.


Step three: Paying the caution fee & providing other details

On the next page that you’ll be taken to, you’ll be required to make payment of the caution fee for the POS machine type that you’re applying for.

Remember I said ₦5,000 for the mini POS machine, ₦22,500 for the traditional POS machine, and ₦30,000 for the smart one.

After you’ve paid your caution fee, you’ll be required to provide additional documents which include;

  • A picture of a government-issued valid ID.
  • A picture of your shop where the POS machine will be used.

Step four: waiting for approval

So, after you’ve done everything written in this post and all the details and documents that you provided are correct, the OPay agents will take some time, about a week or less to review your application, and then approve it afterward.


In most cases, approval of applications heavily depends on the total number and amount of transactions taking place on the bank statement report you submitted.

The higher the number of daily and monthly transactions, and the amounts being transacted, then the greater the chance of your application being approved.

And when the application gets approved, you’ll be reached through either a phone call, text message or your provided email address to come pick up your POS machine at the nearest OPay office close to you.

And that is how you can apply for, and get your own OPay POS machine either to start up a POS business or to use it as a form of payment in your business.

If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comments section below, and if you find this post helpful, then kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.


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