How To Unlock Your Windows PC Using Your Phone’s Fingerprint Sensor In 2mins


Today we’ll be doing something pretty unusual. I’m gonna teach you how you can “remotely” unlock your Windows PC, by making use of your phone’s fingerprint sensor.

Pretty cool stuff right?

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.. #Enjoy

PC fingerprint lock

First of all, here are the things or tools we’ll be needing in order to achieve our goal.

  • Your android smartphone with a fingerprint reader, and must be running on anything from “Android 6.0 Marshmallow” & above version.
  • Any windows powered computer.
  • And this app known as the “Remote Fingerprint Unlock” installed on both your smartphone and your PC.

For those who care to know, the Remote Fingerprint Unlock app is an extremely simple to use and straightforward app that does exactly what the name says.

It remotely unlocks your windows PC using your phone’s fingerprint reader, which means that you don’t have to make any form of physical contact with your PC, before it could be unlocked.


So having known all these, how do we use the remote fingerprint unlock app to remotely unlock our PC using our phone’s fingerprint scanner?


PC fingerprint lock

Steps To Remotely Unlock Your PC, By Making Use Of Your Phone’s Fingerprint Sensor

  1. First of all, make sure that your android smartphone and PC are both connected to the same network, one way to do this is by tethering(Hotspot) your mobile network to your PC.
  2. Now download and install the app and its PC extension on your android smartphone and your Windows PC respectively.
    • Download android app here.
    • Download PC extension here.
  3. After you’ve downloaded and installed them successfully, go ahead and open the app on your smartphone. You can’t open it on PC cause it’s an extension and not an app.
  4. Next step is to lock your windows PC by using the “Windows + L” keys combination or simply lock it from the start menu.
  5. When you do so, you should see a second option that says “Remote Fingerprint Unlock” on your PC lockscreen, that shows that the app is working.
  6. Next step is to go to the app on your phone, tap on the menu button and go to the option that says “Scan”. You will be prompted to pull down the screen to refresh, and when you do so, you should see your windows PC there, select it and press Save.
  7. Now go back to the app’s menu and go to the option that says “My Accounts”. You should see the name of your Windows PC which you already saved.
  8. On your PC’s name, tap on “Add Account”, and you’ll be prompted to enter your PC username and password. After that, tap on “Save”.
  9. Next, go back to the app’s menu and go to the option that says “Unlock”. You’ll be prompted to scan your fingerprint using your phone’s fingerprint scanner.
  10. Once you do so, your PC should be immediately unlocked.

The steps listed above is a one-time process, as all you need to do when next you need to unlock your PC is just scan your fingerprint using your phone’s fingerprint scanner, but make sure that both are connected to the same network.

So guys, so that’s it for today. Don’t forget to give this article a thumbs-up by sharing it if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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