How To Quickly Hack Any Phone’s Fingerprint Reader In 2mins Using A Sellotape

Sometime earlier last two or three years ago, we all know that a fingerprint enabled smartphone or device, was really a huge luxury and that which would cost a neck to acquire. Yea i’m talking of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Apple iPhone 6. But thanks to other 0EMs that started integrating this nice feature into their cheap affordable smartphones, that wouldn’t cost a neck to acquire, thereby making the fingerprint security system, a household feature, as everyone gets a chance to enjoy it.

Fingerprint Hack 101 - How To Hack Any Phone's Fingerprint Reader Using A Sellotape

But just as they say, that with great honor, comes great responsibility. We all know that locking our smartphones with the “has come to stay” fingerprint security system is one of the best way to secure your devices from intruders.. “let them come and cut my hand na” 

But have you ever been in that situation where you really needed to get access to someone’s phone, say a partner or friend, family member, or relative, but just noticed that, the device keeps laughing wickedly at you, because it is being locked with the owner’s fingerprint, which means there’s nothing you can do and you just can’t get a chance to do whatever you wish to do with the device. Well today, lets just say, we have a one time solution to those kind of situations

So today i will be showing us a very simple trick that can help you get out of tight situations one day, this trick doesn’t require any technical skills, it is something anyone can easily do, even a 5yrs old kid. So here is a list of everything that we will be needing for this trick..

  1. A Sellotape, and
  2. Any Fingerprint enabled smartphone

PLEASE NOTE: That you should first of all try it with your own fingerprint to see that it works for you before testing it out on someone else.

Fingerprint Hack Step 1:

Roll out a small piece of tape from the roll of sellotape, and paste it on the finger which has already been registered on your smartphone.

How To Hack Any Phone's Fingerprint Reader In 2mins

Fingerprint Hack Step 2:

Use a second finger to press the sellotape tight on your finger.

Fingerprint Hack Step 3:

Remove it gently and paste it on the fingerprint reader on your smartphone.

How To Hack Any Phone's Fingerprint Reader In 2mins

Fingerprint Hack Step 4:

And Baaaaam… our device is unlocked and we are done.

How To Hack Any Phone's Fingerprint Reader In 2mins

And that is it guys… Tell us if this trick worked for you in the comments box below, and as well Share this article, if you like it.

Cheers… emmanuelGodwin

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