How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and Note 9


Do you want to learn the new ways of taking screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and Note 9 devices? Well say no more, because today, we’ll be taking you through a step by step process of taking screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and Note 9 smart phones… #Enjoy

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and Note 9

Who doesn’t love to take screenshots on his/her smart phone? Taking screenshots can really come in handy, say maybe when you want to show someone something on social media, from your device’s screen, just screenshot it, and you’re good to go.

All android phones nowadays, in one way or the other, has a traditional means of taking screenshots, that is by pressing the volume-down button, together with the “power key“, and like magic, your screen is captured.

While some other OEMs might have their own custom means of taking screen shots, say people like Huawei, LG, etc, Samsung also has its own means of taking screen shots on more of their new devices, and this time, I’m not just talking of one separate means, hell no, I’m talking of a vast variety of ways which you can use to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S9 Plus and Note 9 devices.


So today, we’ll be taking a look at these different methods, one after the other. #Cheers…

How To Take A Screenshot Method 1 – Using The Traditional Approach (Volume Down + Power Button)

Samsung Galaxy S9 Screenshot - volume down + power button

All you have to do is..

  1. First make sure you are currently viewing the screen you wish to screenshot..
  2. Second is pressing and holding the volume-down” button + “Power Button, and you’re good to go.
  3. One more useful feature is that after taking screenshots, you are also given options to further edit and share it. And that takes us to the next method on our list.


How To Take A Screenshot Method 2 – Using The Palm Swipe Feature

The Palm Swipe feature, is a really nifty tool that comes pre-installed with most Samsung Galaxy Phones, and might come in very handy at a time when you a never expected it to.

So just as the name is being pronounced, all you just have to do is swipe your palm across the screen of your device, and in a blink of an eye, your screen is automatically captured. As easy as it sounds.

 samsung galaxy s9 screenshot - palm swipe

So to make use of it, follow the steps below.

  1. First of all, you should make sure that you enabled the feature in your device settings menu. Go to Settings >> Advanced Features >> Palm Swipe To Capture, and then turn the toggle on.
  2. Make sure you are currently viewing the screen you want to capture.
  3. Just swipe your palm across your device’s screen, whether left or right, and you’re good to go. It also gives you options for further editing, just like the No.1 above.


How To Take A Screenshot Method 3 – Making Use Of The Scroll Capture

I know probably most people especially those who don’t own the Samsung Galaxy S9 smart phone, have not heard of this scroll capture feature, or some persons might have heard and seen it, but just simply ignore it, thereby limiting themselves to one of the many great features that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S9.


Now in case you don’t know, the scroll capture is simply a feature that lets you capture more than what is visible on your screen. Lets say you want to capture an entire webpage, so instead of having multiple screen shots due to what your screen could contain, you just simply scroll capture the whole webpage at once, into a single screen shot. Something like this.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Screenshot - scroll capture

So to get to use it, all you have to do is…

  1. First make sure that you enabled the “smart capture” feature in your device settings menu, by going to Settings >> Advanced Features >> Smart Capture
  2. Second is first taking a regular screen shot, from the point where you want the scroll capture to begin from (cause it goes from up, to down).
  3. After taking the screen shot by using any of the means already listed out in No.1 and No.2 above, then from the list of editing options presented to you, select the “Scroll Capture option, and keep pressing it, the more you press, the more it captures your screen downwards.
    Samsung galaxy s9 screenshot scroll capture
  4. And when you feel like you are done, simply save the photo, or share it, and that’s all.


How To Take A Screenshot Method 4 – Using Bixby Voice Command

 samsung galaxy s9 screenshot bixby voice command

Now for those who don’t know, of which probably many people knows already, Bixby is Samsung’s own branded virtual voice assistant that first came with the Samsung Galaxy S8 back in 2017, and now it made it second debut on the galaxy S9.

So with just a simple voice command like “Hi Bixby, take a screenshot“, and you are good to go. You can even make two commands at once like “Hi Bixby, take a screenshot, and share it to (Any of your contacts you mentioned), the screenshot will be captured, and the given instructions will be carried out.

Or even if you are not a fan of saying Hi Bixby all the time, you can use the Bixby button which is provided directly below your volume rocker button, just long press on it, and say your command.


So in practical steps, all you have to do is..

  1. First make sure that you activated Bixby Voice command by going to Bixby Home (swipe to the leftmost page of your home screen, or press the Bixby button just once) >> Settings >> Voice Wakeup, and turn the toggle on.
  2. Say Hi Bixby for voice activation, or long press on the bixby button for non-voice activation.
  3. Say Take a screenshot, and that is all.


How To Take A Screenshot Method 5 – Using Samsung’s Smart Select

 samsung galaxy s9 screenshot smart select

The Smart Select tool really comes in handy when you just want to capture only a specific portion of the screen. It comes in two shapes which can be adjusted according to suit the user’s taste. And to get to make use of it, here are the things that you’re to do…

    1. First of all, you will want to make sure that the Smart Select feature is turned on in your device’s settings menu. Goto Settings >> Display >> Edge Screen >> Edge Panels
    2. Second is make sure that you are currently viewing the screen or page you want to capture
    3. Open Edge Panel, select Smart Select,
      Select the required shape, whether square or oval

How To Take A Screenshot by Using Samsung's Smart Select

  1. Crop it to the portion of screen you want to capture, and select Done


How To Take A Screenshot Method 6 – Using Google’s Own Voice Assistant

 samsung galaxy s9 screenshot google voice assistant

Okay we already talked about Samsung’s own Bixby voice assistant, and now lets talk about taking screen shots with Google Assistant. All you have to do is this..

  1. First of all, you can either use the voice activation method by saying Hey Google, or make use of the non-voice activation method, by pressing down on your device’s home button.
  2. Then say the command Take a screenshot,
    or simply type in the same command by using your device’s keyboard.

So guys, that is pretty much everything we have today for taking screen shots on your new Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and Note 9 devices. Tell us which method suits you best in the comments box below. And don’t forget to keep sharing the good news, and subscribe to our newsletter if you’ve not done so already.


image credits – androidAuthority

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