Infinix X-Lens Review – A Detachable Mobile Camera Lens For Infinix Zero 4 & Zero 4 Smart Phones Plus


• Xlens, or the Infinix Xlens, is a detachable mobile camera lens that launched with the Zero 4 and 4 Plus smart phones way back in 2016. These special lenses come in three separate lenses that has their individual functions.

And because of that, today, we’ll be reviewing the all new Infinix Xlens, thereby showing you everything you need to know about them.. #Enjoy

Infinix Xlens review

Alright so for those who don’t know what the Xlens is(are); it is a fine piece of tech, an external camera lens rather, that can be attached to a smart phone, not just any smartphone this time, but only the Infinix Zero 4 smart phone, to help take its camera capabilities beyond limits.

For those using different devices, you can get a generic one from any of the various online and offline retail shops closest to you. I will be posting the links at the end of this article… So make sure you read to the end.


Looking at the box itself, it is painted black, which looks beautiful on it, with a Zero 4 branding at the front and “Infinix” boldly written at the side.. When you turn it to the back, there you can find more details and specifications of what is contained inside…

Infinix Xlens box

So let’s tear it open and see what is inside.

Opening the box for the first time, and you’re greeted with the glory from the lenses, all black in color, carefully seated in their holed cushions inside the box. And like i already said earlier on, there are three Individual lenses, which have their various functions.

All X-Lens contained in the box

There is a 4k 112° wide angle lens,

4K wide angle lens
4k 112° wide angle lens

a 198° Fish Eye Lens,

198° fish eye lens
198° Fish Eye Lens

and a 15× Macro HD Lens for Lossless Zoom.

15× Macro lens
15× Macro HD Lens

The Lens Mount was also made available..

The lens mount
Lens Mount

Don’t forget that we also have a user manual that tells us how to setup and use the lenses.

User manual

and we were also given the lens caps to protect the lenses when not in use. very thoughtful of Infinix.

Lens caps

And that was all what we found in the box.

The Infinix X-Lens Mobile Lens Kit

Okay, enough of the unboxing, and let’s just go ahead and put these beasts to some real life testing..

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NOTE: Fixing the lenses to the lens mount can be tricky, just follow what is written in the manual if you have one, and you’re good to go… And also take note that using the 4K Wide Angle Lens requires the use of both the 15× Macro Lens, The Fish Lens can be used independently as well as the 15× Macro Lens itself.

So with that out of the way, I’ll just fix the lens to the lens mount pretty quick and attach it to my Infinix Zero 4 smartphone..

attaching lens to lens mount


attaching lens mount to infinix zero 4 smart phone


Rear View of Infinix Mobile Camera Lens On The Infinix Zero 4 Smart Phone


Front view

And start taking some mind blowing pictures…

Picture Taken With 4k Wide Angle Lens
Shot using the 4k 112° wide angle lens


Another picture taken with 4k Wide angle lens
Shot using the 4k 112° wide angle lens


Picture Taken With Fish eye lens
Shot using 198° Fish Eye Lens


Another picture taken with fish eye lens
Shot using 198° Fish Eye Lens


Picture Taken With 15× macro zoom lens
Shot using the 15× Macro HD Lens

So as you can see, the Xlenses are not actually bad, for the interested buyers, I’m sorry to announce to you that the product is no longer available on Jumia, but there are some generic ones which can fit for virtually all smartphones, you can Click Here, if you want one.

So that is it for the Infinix X-Lens unboxing and quick, let us know what you think of this tiny interesting piece of tech in the comments section below, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up by sharing this article and as well subscribing to our newsletter if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace_Out



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  1. Sorry bro, but they won't work on the Zero 5 smartphone. but there are other generic ones you can get from major online and offline stores around your location… they work for all devices.

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