How to Get MTN 5G Unlimited Data Plan


In a world where the digital landscape is evolving and people now crave more reliable and faster internet connectivity for brands, remote work and personal usage. The introduction of the MTN 5G technology is a game changer in the Nigerian telecoms space to meet the demands of consumers for faster download and upload speeds, low network latency, and need to connect multiple gadgets.

As the digital landscape evolves, MTN seized the opportunity and introduced 5G technology in multiple states across the country to edge the demand for online gaming, video calls and high-definition 4k movies streaming. This technology made the company a frontrunner, set them apart as a leading brand in the industry, and positioned them to serve a more niched market.

With the 5G cutting-edge technology of $300 million introduced by MTN in the country, Nigerians can immerse themselves in reliable and high-speed internet connections. So if you’re in the category of heavy internet users looking for a network provider that can meet your need for faster internet speeds and unlimited data, then MTN has got you covered with the MTN 5G unlimited data plan.

How to get mtn 5g unlimited data plan in Nigeria

Let’s delve into the intricacies of setting up a 5G to start enjoying it 10 times faster than the predecessor. The MTN 5G setup requires that you have a mobile phone that is 5G enabled or MTN 5G router.


To experience the possibilities with MTN 5G, asides from ensuring that your device is 5G-compatible and activated on the MTN network. You need to ascertain that there is coverage in your area.

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Here are some of the MTN 5G unlimited plan:

MTN 5G unlimited data plan – N15,000

This is one of the MTN 5G unlimited data plans with a fair usage policy that allows users to enjoy high speed connectivity for heavy internet users to enjoy 4K videos streaming, online games and more.

MTN 5G unlimited data plan – N25000

As the digital landscape evolves, businesses and professionals that need high speed and reliable internet connections. With this plan, you need not worry that you might get the bandwidth to cover your needs for 4K video streaming, online gaming, video conferencing, and more.

With this subscription, you’ll get access to a 200GB unlimited data (fair usage applies) bundle with a 30-day validity period.

MTN 5G unlimited data plan – N30000

This plan comes with a 300GB data plan that allows you to stay connected to the internet all through a 30-day period validity. With this plan, you will enjoy faster downloads in minutes, gaming without lags and streaming with 4k high quality.


With this plan you also get to enjoy the 5GB daily limit once you’ve exhausted the main data bundle.

MTN 5G unlimited data plan – N40000

This plan is notably referred to as the Gold plan and it allows you to enjoy all the benefits we’ve highlighted in the other plans with more data. The plan comes with a 400GB data plan to cater for your heavy internet usage. You will also get to use a 10GB daily data once you’ve exhausted the main data bundle within a 30-day validity period.

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MTN 5G unlimited data plan – N60000

This is an ideal data plan for users that want to stream 8K movies of shows without buffering, games with highest resolutions, collaborate and download large files remotely and even stay connected on the go without missing any updates.

With this plan you will get a 550 GB data plan that you could use for your daily data needs.

Steps to activate the MTN 5G Unlimited Data Plan

You can activate any of the above plans using the MyMTN app, register with your MTN phone no, select the preferred plan and pay using airtime or bank account.


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