How to Retrieve NIN Number without Phone Number


If you have lost your phone and it happens that you need the NIN for something very important, and wish you knew how to retrieve NIN number without phone number. Don’t worry you aren’t alone, we have you covered :-).

How to Retrieve NIN Number without Phone Number

NIN (National Identification Number) has become the central point of every Nigerian’s identity, made compulsory for SIM card registration by the Federal Government.

From opening bank accounts to registering for exams like Jamb, the NIN plays a key role across various aspects of daily life.

This 11-digit number uniquely identifies citizens and residents of Nigeria. However, having access to your NIN is important for unlimited access to all of your bank services.

But what happens when you lose access or change the phone number linked to your NIN registration?


Panic can set in when faced with urgently needing your NIN but unable to retrieve it due to lack of access to your linked phone number.

The good news is, that you can retrieve your NIN without relying on your phone number.

In this guide, we have carefully written you the step-by-step processes to regain access to your NIN through alternative methods that don’t require a phone number.

When we are done, you will be equipped with actionable knowledge to confidently retrieve your NIN number without phone number access.


If I were you, I would be excited right now, you know why? Because the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has set up very simple steps just for situations like this.

Come with me!

How to Retrieve NIN Number without Phone Number

NIN Number without Phone Number

Losing access to your NIN due to a lost phone number can happen to anyone. But NIMC’s online NIN retrieval portal offers a smooth process to get your NIN back in record time. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the NIMC Website 

Your journey to NIN retrieval begins on the official NIMC website –

Reach out to this official MINC site as the first step to instituting the NIN retrieval without the phone number process.

Step 2: Locate the NIN Retrieval Portal 

==>Once you access the NIMC site, scroll and locate the “NIN Retrieval Portal” tab.


==>Click on the tab, which redirects you to the portal specially designed for NIN retrieval needs.

Step 3: Click “Forgot Mobile Number?” 

On the NIN Retrieval Portal, you will find various self-service options. Kindly look out for [Forget Mobile Number] and click on it.

This specific part applies to your situation of lacking access to the phone number linked.

Step 4: Enter Personal Details 

After clicking the Forgot Mobile Number section, you would have to enter some personal details for verification purposes.

These details include but aren’t limited to your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Date of birth provided during the NIN registration.

Step 5: Hit Submit 

With all your personal information accurately supplied, complete the process by smashing the “Submit” button. After verifying your details, NIMC automatically emails your retrieved NIN to the email entered during the registration.


That is just it, you have successfully regained and granted access to your National Identification Number without access to your entangled phone number – many thanks to NIMC’s.

What are Other Additional tips for smooth NIN retrieval without phone number 

What are Other Additional tips for smooth NIN retrieval without phone number 

Even as NIMC has set up a direct means to get your NIN without the phone number you registered with, there are other additional tips to enhance the process:

1. Safeguard your NIN 

Treat your NIN like any other sensitive personal data once retrieved, keeping it confidential and stored securely after access is regained.

2. Remain Patient 

Though NIMC simplified the process, occasional system glitches or centre delays can still happen. Stay patient if encountering difficulties and know solutions exist.

3. Clear Browser Cache

 If faced with online retrieval challenges, try clearing cache/cookies or use a different browser before seeking assistance.

4. Have Documents Ready 

Before visiting any centres for NIN retrieval without a phone number, ensure to carry all required ID documents for smooth verification.

5. Record NIN Details

Safely record retrieved NIN details for quick access whenever required to provide your National Identification Number.

6. Stay Updated

Regularly check the NIMC website for the latest announcements about changes, upgrades or vital information regarding NIN retrieval.

7. Seek Help 

If struggling at any point in the phone number-free NIN retrieval process, you need to immediately contact NIMC support for assistance.


That is how to retrieve NIN number without phone number. All you have to do is go to the official NIMC Website and follow the instructions given above and you will get your Number. Alternatively, visit your bank and file a complaint and you will have it.

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