28 Psychological Thriller Movies Like “Shutter Island”


Movies like “Shutter Island” – If you enjoyed the numerous plot twists and psychological theme of the movie, “Shutter Island”, then today, we’ll be showing you more films that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you questioning reality at the end just as “Shutter Island” did.

Movies Like Shutter Island

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28 Psychological Thriller Movies Like “Shutter Island”

You asked, and we listened, so, here are the 28 best movies like “Shutter Island” that you can watch today.

Inception20102h 28m8.8 (2.5M)
Se7en19952h 7m8.6 (1.7M)
The Silence of the Lambs19911h 58m8.6 (1.5M)
The Green Mile19993h 9m8.6 (1.4M)
Joker20192h 2m8.4 (1.4M)
Memento20001h 53m8.4 (1.3M)
The Truman Show19981h 43m8.2 (1.1M)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest19752h 13m8.7 (1M)
Gone Girl20142h 29m8.1 (1M)
Get Out20171h 44m7.8 (653K)
Source Code20111h 33m7.5 (536K)
Split20161h 57m7.3 (526K)
Mystic River20032h 18m7.9 (472K)
The Game19972h 9m7.7 (414K)
The Machinist20041h 41m7.6 (405K)
Mulholland Drive20012h 27m7.9 (371K)
Us20191h 56m6.8 (321K)
Changeling20082h 21m7.8 (261K)
Identity20031h 30m7.3 (260K)
The Number 2320071h 38m6.4 (209K)
Dark City19981h 40m7.6 (207K)
The Girl on the Train20161h 52m6.5 (195K)
A Scanner Darkly20061h 40m7.0 (115K)
Jacob’s Ladder19901h 53m7.4 (114K)
I’m Thinking of Ending Things20202h 14m6.6 (95K)
Taking Lives20041h 43m6.2 (93K)
Fractured20191h 39m6.4 (86K)
Seconds19661h 46m7.6 (21K)

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“Inception” is a mind-bending science fiction film that takes you on an incredible journey into the realm of dreams. The story follows Dom Cobb, a skilled thief who specializes in entering people’s dreams to steal their deepest secrets.

However, he’s given an unusual task – not to steal, but to plant an idea into someone’s mind through a process called “inception.” As Cobb and his team dive deeper into layers of dreams within dreams, reality becomes blurred, and the boundaries between dreams and reality start to crumble.


It’s an intense and thought-provoking rollercoaster that keeps you questioning what’s real and what’s just a dream.


Movies Like Shutter Island

“Memento” is a mind-bending psychological thriller that invites you into the perplexing world of a man named Leonard Shelby. Suffering from short-term memory loss after a traumatic incident, Leonard is determined to find his wife’s murderer.

The unique aspect of the film is its reverse narrative structure – scenes are presented in a non-linear order, allowing you to experience Leonard’s confusion firsthand. As he navigates his quest using Polaroid pictures, tattoos, and notes, the film challenges your perception of reality and memory.

The Truman Show

“The Truman Show” is a thought-provoking and engaging film that revolves around Truman Burbank, a man who unknowingly lives his entire life as the star of a reality TV show.

Set in a seemingly idyllic town, Truman gradually becomes suspicious of his surroundings and begins to question the reality he’s always known. As he embarks on a journey to uncover the truth, the film explores themes of free will, manipulation, and the boundaries between reality and fiction.


“The Truman Show” is a captivating exploration of the human desire for authenticity and the power of breaking free from the confines of an artificial world.

Get Out

Movies Like Shutter Island

“Get Out” is a chilling and thought-provoking horror film that delves into the unsettling dynamics of race and identity.

The story follows Chris Washington, a young African-American man, as he visits the family estate of his white girlfriend, Rose. As the weekend unfolds, Chris becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the bizarre behavior of the seemingly friendly and affluent white residents. Gradually, he uncovers a horrifying secret that reveals a disturbing plot involving mind control and appropriation.

With its masterful blend of social commentary and suspense, “Get Out” takes you on a rollercoaster of tension and unease, while also shedding light on deep-seated racial anxieties and microaggressions.

Source Code

“Source Code” is a gripping science fiction thriller that follows Captain Colter Stevens, as he awakens in the body of another man on a commuter train. He soon discovers that he’s part of a top-secret government program called the Source Code, which allows him to relive the last eight minutes of another person’s life to prevent a terrorist attack.


With each iteration, Colter tries to identify the bomber and unravel the intricate web of events. As he forms a connection with a fellow passenger, he grapples with questions of identity, reality, and the ethics of altering the past.

And there you have it, folks, the top 28 best psychological thriller movies like “Shutter Island” that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, and leave you questioning reality at the end.