50 Office Rom-Com Movies Like “The Proposal”


If you’re a fan of office romance comedy movies, and you enjoyed watching “The Proposal”, then there’s a good chance that you’re looking for more movies like it, and that is the reason why, today, we’ll be showing the best and related office romance and comedy movies like “The Proposal”.

Movies Like "The Proposal"

Top 30 Office Romance & Comedy Movies Like “The Proposal”

From “The Hating Game” to “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, “The Ugly Truth”, “Set It Up”, etc, here are the best office romance and comedy movies like “The Proposal”.

Silver Linings Playbook20122h 2m7.7 (721K)
La La Land20162h 8m8.0 (614K)
Crazy, Stupid, Love.20111h 58m7.4 (533K)
Love Actually20032h 15m7.6 (503K)
Friends with Benefits20111h 49m6.5 (379K)
50 First Dates20041h 39m6.8 (366K)
About Time20132h 3m7.8 (364K)
Pretty Woman19901h 59m7.1 (337K)
Notting Hill19992h 4m7.2 (324K)
The Holiday20062h 16m6.9 (301K)
Grease19781h 50m7.2 (286K)
Mamma Mia!20081h 48m6.5 (256K)
Just Go with It20111h 57m6.4 (253K)
Bridget Jones’s Diary20011h 37m6.8 (251K)
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days20031h 56m6.4 (251K)
No Strings Attached20111h 48m6.2 (236K)
Legally Blonde20011h 36m6.4 (229K)
When Harry Met Sally19891h 35m7.7 (228K)
The Ugly Truth20091h 36m6.4 (224K)
You’ve Got Mail19981h 59m6.7 (220K)
What Women Want20002h 7m6.4 (214K)
Love & Other Drugs20101h 52m6.7 (211K)
13 Going on 3020041h 38m6.3 (201K)
Sleepless in Seattle19931h 45m6.8 (182K)
What Happens in Vegas20081h 39m6.1 (181K)
27 Dresses20081h 51m6.1 (169K)
She’s the Man20061h 45m6.3 (166K)
Four Weddings and a Funeral19941h 57m7.1 (158K)
My Best Friend’s Wedding19971h 45m6.3 (148K)
Love, Rosie20141h 42m7.1 (147K)
The Other Woman20141h 49m6.0 (145K)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding20021h 35m6.6 (137K)
Life as We Know It20101h 54m6.5 (135K)
Something’s Gotta Give20032h 8m6.7 (125K)
Two Weeks Notice20021h 41m6.1 (122K)
Sweet Home Alabama20021h 48m6.2 (118K)
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason20041h 48m6.0 (117K)
While You Were Sleeping19951h 43m6.8 (108K)
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again20181h 54m6.6 (100K)
It’s Complicated20092h 00m6.5 (95K)
Never Been Kissed19991h 47m6.0 (94K)
Killers20101h 40m5.4 (94K)
Bridget Jones’s Baby20162h 3m6.5 (78K)
Just Married20031h 35m5.5 (73K)
Holidate20201h 44m6.1 (72K)
A Lot Like Love20051h 47m6.6 (70K)
Set It Up20181h 45m6.5 (58K)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 220161h 34m6.0 (32K)
Your Place or Mine20231h 49m5.6 (32K)
My Boss’s Daughter20031h 26m4.7 (30K)
He’s All That20211h 28m4.4 (27K)
The Hating Game20211h 42m6.2 (20K)
Little Black Book20041h 47m5.3 (19K)
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More Movies

The Hating Game

As assistants to the co-CEOs of a publishing company, Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman sit across from each other every day – and they hate each other. Not dislike. Not begrudgingly tolerate. H-A-T-E.

Lucy can’t understand Josh’s joyless, uptight approach to his job and refusal to smile, which is in stark contrast to her bright clothes, quirkiness, and effusive people-pleasing. Trapped in a shared office 5 days a week, they’ve become entrenched in an addictive, ridiculous never-ending game of one-upmanship.


Lucy can’t let Josh beat her at anything – especially when a huge new promotion to be Managing Director is up for grabs. They strike a deal that whoever does not get the promotion must quit. It’s game-on – But as tensions reach boiling point and an innocent elevator ride turns into a steamy kiss, Lucy begins to realize just how fine a line there is between love and hate.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Movies Like "The Proposal"

“How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” is a delightful romantic comedy that follows the story of Andie Anderson, a magazine writer, and Benjamin Barry, an advertising executive.

Andie, tasked with writing an article about the common mistakes women make in relationships, decides to put her research to the test by attempting to lose a guy in just ten days. Meanwhile, Benjamin, eager to win a high-stakes bet at work, makes a wager that he can make any woman fall in love with him in the same timeframe.

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When their paths cross, Andie and Benjamin find themselves unwittingly caught in a hilarious battle of wits and emotions. As their relationship unfolds, they must navigate the challenges of their own deceptions while discovering the true meaning of love and authenticity.

With its clever humor, charming performances, and heartfelt moments, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” is a delightful journey that reminds us that sometimes, the best relationships are the ones we least expect.

The Ugly Truth

“The Ugly Truth” is a witty and hilarious romantic comedy that explores the complexities of modern dating.


The film follows Abby Richter, a romantically challenged TV producer, and Mike Chadway, a crass and straightforward relationship expert. When Abby’s struggling morning show brings in Mike to boost ratings, their conflicting views on love and relationships clash. As Mike pushes Abby out of her comfort zone, he challenges her beliefs and encourages her to embrace the raw and unpredictable aspects of romance.

Through a series of comical and sometimes outrageous situations, Abby and Mike learn valuable lessons about authenticity, communication, and the power of accepting both the beauty and imperfections of love.

Set It Up

Movies Like "The Proposal"

“Set It Up” is a delightful romantic comedy that follows the lives of two overworked and underappreciated assistants, Harper and Charlie, who work for demanding and tyrannical bosses.

Desperate for more free time and a chance at a personal life, they hatch a plan to set up their bosses, Kirsten and Rick, in the hopes that a romantic relationship will distract them and give Harper and Charlie some much-needed breathing space.

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As Harper and Charlie navigate the challenges of orchestrating the perfect setup, they unexpectedly find themselves drawn to each other. As their own relationship evolves, they must confront their fears, insecurities, and the complexities of balancing work and personal life.


“Set It Up” is a charming and heartwarming film that explores the power of connection, friendship, and taking risks in the pursuit of happiness.

Two Weeks Notice

“Two Weeks Notice” is a delightful romantic comedy that revolves around the unlikely relationship between Lucy Kelson, a dedicated and passionate lawyer, and George Wade, a wealthy and charismatic businessman.

Lucy, known for her strong principles and commitment to social causes, takes on the role of George’s chief counsel, tasked with handling his whims and navigating his eccentricities. However, as Lucy grows weary of George’s demanding nature and the lack of appreciation for her work, she decides to resign and give him a two weeks’ notice.

As they spend more time together during this period, an unexpected bond forms between them, leading to a deeper understanding and connection. Amidst the witty banter and humorous situations, “Two Weeks Notice” explores themes of love, compromise, and the power of finding common ground.

And there you have it, folks, some of the best office romance and comedy movies like “The Proposal” that you definitely don’t want to miss. Give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you find it entertaining, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out!!!

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