20 Crime Action Movies Like Prisoners You Should Watch Today


From “Gone Girl” to “Taken”, “Law Abiding Citizen”, “Split”, “Lou”, etc, here are the best crime action movies like Prisoners.


Movies like Prisoners

20 Best Crime Action Movies Like Prisoners

Gone Girl20142h 29m8.1 (1M)
Taken20081h 30m7.8 (612K)
Split20161h 57m7.3 (513K)
Taken 220121h 32m6.2 (312K)
Law Abiding Citizen20091h 49m7.4 (305K)
Don’t Breathe20161h 28m7.1 (283K)
Changeling20082h 21m7.8 (259K)
Extraction20201h 56m6.7 (211K)
Flightplan20051h 38m6.3 (166K)
The Black Phone20211h 43m6.9 (162K)
Ransom19962h 1m6.7 (131K)
The Call20131h 34m6.7 (125K)
Along Came a Spider20011h 44m6.4 (91K)
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance20022h 9m7.5 (71K)
Don’t Breathe20211h 38m6.0 (62K)
Don’t Say a Word20011h 53m6.3 (55K)
Kidnap20171h 35m5.9 (38K)
An American Crime20071h 38m7.2 (36K)
Lou20221h 47m6.1 (29K)
Last Seen Alive20221h 35m5.6 (24K)
The Deep End of the Ocean19991h 46m6.3 (16K)
My Son20211h 35m6.0 (13K)

More Films Like

Gone Girl

“Gone Girl” is a psychological thriller directed by David Fincher and released in 2014. The film is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn.

The plot centers around a man named Nick Dunne whose wife, Amy, goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. As the investigation into Amy’s disappearance progresses, Nick becomes the prime suspect, and the media and public turn against him.

As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Amy has been planning her disappearance for months and has left behind a trail of clues and false leads for the authorities to follow. The film explores the disintegration of Nick and Amy’s relationship and the lengths to which Amy will go to get what she wants.


Movies like Prisoners

“Taken” is a thriller movie that follows the story of Bryan Mills, a former CIA agent, who is trying to reconnect with his teenage daughter, Kim. However, his plans are interrupted when Kim and her friend are kidnapped while on a trip to Paris.


Using his skills and resources as a former agent, Mills travels to Paris to track down the kidnappers and rescue his daughter. He navigates through the criminal underworld, facing various obstacles, including corrupt officials and dangerous criminals.

Throughout the movie, Mills employs his tactical and combat training to eliminate anyone who stands in his way and finally succeeds in finding his daughter and bringing her back home safely. The film ends with Mills and his daughter reunited, but with the implication that their relationship may never be the same after the harrowing experience.


“Split” is a psychological thriller movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The story follows a man named Kevin Wendell Crumb, who has a rare condition that causes him to have 23 different personalities residing within him. One of his personalities, known as “The Beast,” begins to dominate the others and threatens to emerge and wreak havoc on the world.

The movie primarily takes place inside a basement where Kevin has imprisoned three teenage girls. The girls must try to escape while dealing with Kevin’s various personalities, each with their own unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.


Throughout the movie, Kevin’s therapist, Dr. Karen Fletcher, tries to understand and help Kevin with his condition. However, as events escalate and The Beast becomes more prominent, it becomes clear that Kevin’s condition may be more than just a mental disorder.

Law Abiding Citizen

Movies like Prisoners

“Law Abiding Citizen” is a thriller movie that follows the story of Clyde Shelton, a man who seeks revenge after his wife and daughter are brutally murdered during a home invasion.

The justice system fails to bring the perpetrators to justice, and Clyde takes matters into his own hands, embarking on a violent and calculated plan to seek revenge against those who he feels failed him and his family.

Assistant District Attorney Nick Rice, who is responsible for the plea deal that resulted in one of the murderers receiving a reduced sentence, becomes the focus of Clyde’s wrath as he tries to bring justice to the situation.

As the situation escalates, Nick and the law enforcement team must race against the clock to prevent Clyde’s deadly plan from coming to fruition. The movie ends with a shocking twist that leaves the audience questioning their own beliefs about justice and revenge.

Don’t Breathe

“Don’t Breathe” is a horror-thriller movie that follows the story of three teenagers, Rocky, Alex, and Money, who break into the house of a blind veteran to steal a large sum of money rumored to be hidden inside.


However, their plan goes awry when the veteran, who is not as helpless as he initially appears, turns the tables on them and traps them inside his home. The teenagers soon realize that the blind man is much more dangerous than anticipated, and they must fight for their lives to escape.

As the teenagers try to find a way out, they discover that the veteran is hiding a dark secret he will do anything to protect.

And there you have it, folks, the top 20 best crime action thriller movies like Prisoners that you should watch if you enjoyed the movie.