21 Controversial Relationship Movies Like “Lolita”


Looking for movies like Lolita that explore controversial relationships and delve into the complexities of forbidden desires?

Look no further as this curated list of films similar to Lolita will satisfy your craving for thought-provoking narratives that push boundaries. From captivating tales of forbidden love to intricate character studies, these movies deliver an engaging cinematic experience that will leave you both captivated and introspective.

So, if you’re ready to dive into a world of compelling stories that challenge societal norms, grab some popcorn and discover an enticing array of movies like Lolita that will leave you pondering the depths of human emotions.

Movies Like "Lolita"

21 Unusual Relationship Movies Like “Lolita”

American Beauty19992h 2m8.3 (1.2M)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind20041h 48m8.3 (1M)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button20082h 46m7.8 (667K)
Her20132h 6m8.0 (634K)
La La Land20162h 8m8.0 (614K)
The Notebook20042h 3m7.8 (587K)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower20121h 43m7.9 (525K)
Lost in Translation20031h 42m7.7 (467K)
The Theory of Everything20142h 3m7.7 (463K)
The Shape of Water20172h 3m7.3 (431K)
The Fault in Our Stars20142h 6m7.7 (386K)
Brokeback Mountain20052h 14m7.7 (367K)
Call Me by Your Name20172h 12m7.8 (287K)
Me Before You20161h 46m7.4 (266K)
The Danish Girl20151h 59m7.1 (192K)
Dear John20101h 48m6.3 (153K)
If I Stay20141h 47m6.7 (126K)
Five Feet Apart20191h 56m7.2 (73K)
The Beguiled20171h 33m6.3 (59K)
Everything, Everything20171h 36m6.3 (41K)
Midnight Sun20181h 31m6.6 (33K)

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American Beauty

“American Beauty” is a critically acclaimed 1999 film directed by Sam Mendes that delves into the dark undercurrents of suburban life. The story revolves around Lester Burnham, a middle-aged man trapped in a loveless marriage and a monotonous job. As he navigates his midlife crisis, Lester becomes infatuated with his daughter’s best friend, Angela, leading him to reevaluate his priorities and pursue a newfound sense of liberation.


The film explores themes of beauty, desire, disillusionment, and the struggle for personal fulfillment, ultimately providing a poignant critique of societal norms and the pursuit of the American Dream. With its brilliant performances, evocative cinematography, and thought-provoking storytelling, “American Beauty” captivates audiences and challenges them to question the facade of happiness in suburban existence.


Movies Like "Lolita"

“Her” is a thought-provoking 2013 film written and directed by Spike Jonze. Set in a near-future Los Angeles, the story revolves around Theodore Twombly, a lonely and introverted man dealing with a failed marriage, develops a unique relationship with an artificial intelligence operating system named Samantha, whose alluring voice captivates his heart and mind.

As Theodore navigates the complexities of his own emotions and the evolving connection with Samantha, the film explores themes of love, loneliness, and the nature of human relationships in a technologically advanced society.

“Her” presents a deeply moving and introspective journey that challenges conventional notions of love and explores the profound impact of technology on human connection. Through its heartfelt performances, immersive storytelling, and striking visual aesthetics, “Her” invites audiences to contemplate the boundaries of intimacy and the essence of being human in a rapidly changing world.

The Shape of Water

“The Shape of Water” is a visually stunning 2017 film directed by Guillermo del Toro that unfolds as a romantic fairytale set in Cold War-era America.

The story revolves around Elisa, a mute janitor working at a secret government facility who discovers and falls in love with an amphibious creature being held captive for research.

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As Elisa navigates her feelings for the creature and seeks to save it from the cruel intentions of the facility’s authorities, the film explores themes of love, acceptance, and the struggle for agency and identity.

“The Shape of Water” captivates audiences with its breathtaking visuals, captivating performances, and masterful storytelling, delving into the depths of human emotion and the power of empathy.

With its imaginative and immersive world-building, “The Shape of Water” invites viewers to embrace their own vulnerabilities and recognize the beauty in the unconventional, ultimately delivering a resonant and uplifting cinematic experience.

The Theory of Everything

Movies Like "Lolita"

“The Theory of Everything” is a poignant and inspiring 2014 biographical film directed by James Marsh. Based on the life of renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, the movie takes us on a profound journey through his remarkable life and scientific achievements.

The story primarily focuses on Stephen’s relationship with his college sweetheart Jane Wilde, as their lives take an unexpected turn when Hawking is diagnosed with ALS, a debilitating motor neuron disease.


The film beautifully portrays their love, resilience, and the immense challenges they face together as they navigate the complexities of Hawking’s deteriorating physical condition and his groundbreaking scientific achievements.

“The Theory of Everything” is an emotionally charged masterpiece that celebrates the indomitable human spirit and the power of love in the face of adversity.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is a mind-bending 2004 film directed by Michel Gondry. The story revolves around Joel Barish, a heartbroken man who discovers that his former girlfriend Clementine Kruczynski has undergone a procedure to erase all memories of their tumultuous relationship.

Distraught and determined to rid himself of the pain, Joel decides to undergo the same memory-erasing procedure. As the process unfolds, Joel’s memories are unraveled in reverse order, and he experiences a surreal journey through the depths of his mind.

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Through intricate storytelling and visually stunning sequences, the film explores themes of love, memory, and the complexities of human relationships. It delves into the question of whether erasing painful memories is the solution to heartache or if the sum of our experiences, even the painful ones, is what shapes our identity and capacity for growth.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Movies Like "Lolita"

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is a captivating 2008 film directed by David Fincher. The story revolves around Benjamin Button (played by Brad Pitt), a man who is born with a peculiar condition that causes him to age in reverse. As he begins life with the appearance of an elderly man, Benjamin embarks on a unique and extraordinary journey, experiencing life’s joys and sorrows in reverse order.

Set against the backdrop of the 20th century, the film takes us through various stages of Benjamin’s life, from his relationships and adventures to the challenges he faces due to his unusual condition. Along the way, he encounters love and loss, forms deep connections, and discovers the beauty and fragility of human existence.

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant film that explores profound themes of time, mortality, and the inevitability of change.

And there you have it, folks, 21 best movies like Lolita that share similar themes of unconventional and controversial relationships.


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