24 Best Fantasy Adventure Movies Like The Star


Movies like “The Star” – “The Star” is a 2017 animated Christmas comedy film that tells the story of Bo, a brave small donkey who embarks on an adventure with his animal friends to become a part of the first Christmas. Bo meets Mary, Joseph, and other biblical characters on their journey, providing a fresh perspective on the traditional Nativity story.

So, if you’re looking for more movies that share the same theme of animal adventures, the nativity story, or straight-up animated movies that can make you relax during this period, then here are 20 movies like “The Star” that you can watch today.

Movies Like The Star


24 Best Fantasy Adventure Movies Like “The Star”

Madagascar20051h 26m6.9 (415K)
The Nightmare Before Christmas19931h 16m7.9 (350K)
Elf20031h 37m7.1 (286K)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas20001h 44m6.3 (267K)
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa20081h 29m6.6 (235K)
The Polar Express20041h 40m6.6 (221K)
The Secret Life of Pets20161h 27m6.5 (207K)
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted20121h 33m6.8 (187K)
A Christmas Carol20091h 36m6.8 (122K)
Open Season20061h 26m6.1 (100K)
The Grinch20181h 25m6.4 (77K)
The Secret Life of Pets 220191h 26m6.4 (65K)
Arthur Christmas20111h 37m7.1 (63K)
Ferdinand20171h 48m6.7 (60K)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer19640h 47m8.0 (34K)
Free Birds20131h 31m5.8 (25K)
Open Season 220081h 16m5.5 (25K)
Noelle20191h 40m6.3 (24K)
A Christmas Carol19841h 40m7.8 (17K)
The Nativity Story20061h 41m6.8 (12K)
Open Season 320101h 15m5.0 (12K)
Uglydolls20191h 27m5.1 (7.2K)
Scrooge: A Christmas Carol20221h 36m6.2 (6.1K)
Open Season: Scared Silly20151h 24m5.0 (3.4K)
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More Films Like

Madagascar film series

The “Madagascar” film series is a collection of computer-animated comedy films produced by DreamWorks Animation. The series follows the adventures of four zoo animals: Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, and Gloria the Hippopotamus, who unexpectedly find themselves stranded on the island of Madagascar an escape attempt goes awry.

The first film, “Madagascar”, tells the story of how the animals adjust to life in the wild and their efforts to return to New York City. In “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa”, the animals go back to Africa and learn about their origins. The third film, “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” (2012), sees the animals travel across Europe while being pursued by a crazed animal control officer.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Movies Like The Star

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a dark fantasy stop-motion animated musical film that tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, who becomes bored with the same annual Halloween routine. Jack discovers the joy of Christmas Town and decides to take over the holiday by kidnapping Santa Claus and taking his place.


However, Jack’s attempts to bring Christmas to Halloween Town result in chaos and confusion, and he ultimately realizes the true meaning of Christmas. The film is known for its stunningly imaginative visuals, the unique blend of horror and humor, and a memorable score by composer Danny Elfman. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has become a beloved holiday classic, appealing to audiences of all ages.

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“Elf” is a 2003 American Christmas comedy film starring Will Ferrell as Buddy, a human who was raised by elves at the North Pole. When he discovers that he is not actually an elf, Buddy travels to New York City to find his real father, who is on Santa’s naughty list. Along the way, Buddy spreads holiday cheer and learns the importance of family, as well as the true meaning of Christmas. The film is noted for its humor, heartwarming themes, and memorable soundtrack, and it has become a holiday classic for audiences of all ages.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Movies Like The Star

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a classic Christmas comedy film based on the children’s book of the same name by Dr. Seuss.

The movie tells the story of the Grinch, a grouchy, green creature who lives in a cave on the outskirts of the town of Whoville. The Grinch hates Christmas and decides to ruin it for the cheerful Whos by stealing all their decorations and presents on Christmas Eve. However, the Grinch’s heart is changed by a young girl named Cindy Lou Who, and he ultimately learns the true meaning of Christmas.


The film stars Jim Carrey as the Grinch and features an imaginative and whimsical production design, along with a memorable score by composer James Horner. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” has become a beloved holiday classic, appealing to both children and adults.

The Polar Express

“The Polar Express” is a Christmas animated adventure film directed by Robert Zemeckis and based on the children’s book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg. The movie follows a young boy who is skeptical about the existence of Santa Claus.

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On Christmas Eve, a magical train called the Polar Express arrives at his house and takes him on a journey to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. Along the way, the boy and his fellow passengers encounter various obstacles and learn important lessons about friendship, bravery, and the power of belief.

And there you have it folks, 24 best fantasy adventure movies like “The Star” that you should watch today.

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