40 Hilarious Teen College Drama Movies Like “Easy A”


Movies like “Easy A” – If you’ve recently watched “Easy A” and loved its hilarious plot, charming characters, and coming-of-age themes, you’re probably wondering where to find more movies like it. Luckily, there are plenty of similar films out there that will give you the same dose of laughter, romance, and teen angst.

Whether you’re in the mood for more gender-bending comedies or heartwarming high school dramas, there’s something for everyone on this list of movies like “Easy A”. So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for some movie marathon fun!

Movies like Easy A

40 Hilarious Teen College Drama Movies Like “Easy A”

Mean Girls20041h 37m7.1 (396K)
10 Things I Hate About You19991h 37m7.3 (355K)
Pitch Perfect20121h 52m7.1 (314K)
Clueless19951h 37m6.9 (228K)
Legally Blonde20011h 36m6.4 (227K)
She’s the Man20061h 45m6.3 (165K)
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before20181h 39m7.0 (113K)
Bring It On20001h 38m6.1 (100K)
She’s All That19991h 35m5.9 (99K)
The DUFF20151h 41m6.4 (97K)
Never Been Kissed19991h 47m6.0 (94K)
The Kissing Booth20181h 45m5.9 (87K)
The First Time20121h 35m6.8 (72K)
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde20031h 35m4.7 (69K)
Wild Child20081h 38m6.1 (60K)
LOL20121h 37m4.4 (57K)
To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You20201h 41m6.0 (42K)
The Perfect Date20191h 29m5.8 (41K)
Sierra Burgess Is a Loser20181h 45m5.8 (40K)
The Kissing Booth 220202h 14m5.7 (34K)
To All the Boys: Always and Forever20211h 49m6.3 (29K)
He’s All That20211h 28m4.4 (26K)
Mean Girls 220111h 36m4.1 (24K)
Bring It on: All or Nothing20061h 39m5.5 (21K)
So Undercover20121h 34m5.0 (21K)
The Kissing Booth 320211h 52m4.8 (19K)
Work It20201h 33m6.1 (14K)
The Last Summer20191h 49m5.5 (14K)
Bring It On: In It to Win It20071h 30m5.1 (14K)
Swiped20181h 33m2.8 (13K)
Bring It on: Again20041h 30m4.4 (11K)
Picture This20081h 32m5.1 (10K)
Bring It on: Fight to the Finish20091h 425.1 (9.3K)
Teen Spirit20111h 22m5.4 (7.4K)
#Realityhigh20171h 39m5.1 (6.6K)
Sorority Wars20091h 35m5.7 (5.7K)
F*&% the Prom20171h 32m4.2 (5.2K)
Step Sisters20181h 48m5.4 (4.7K)
The Outcasts20171h 35m5.4 (4.7K)
Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack20171h 35m4.1 (1.6K)
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More Movies

Mean Girls

In the small town of Illinois, there was a high school ruled by a group of popular girls known as “The Plastics.” Their leader was the queen bee, Regina George, who everyone feared and admired. But when a new student named Cady Heron arrived from Africa, she was immediately intrigued by The Plastics and their power.

As she navigated the tricky social landscape of high school, Cady found herself pulled into Regina’s orbit and became a member of The Plastics herself. However, as she got closer to the group, Cady realized that their perfect facade was just a mask, and that they were capable of cruelty and betrayal.

With the help of her new friends Janis and Damian, Cady hatches a plan to take down The Plastics and restore balance to the school. But as the plan unfolds, Cady begins to lose herself in the process and must find her way back to her true self.


“Mean Girls” is a hilarious and heartwarming film that has become a cult classic, thanks to its memorable characters, sharp writing, and relatable themes.

10 Things I Hate About You

Movies like Easy A

Once upon a time in Padua High School, there was a beautiful and popular girl named Bianca. However, her overprotective father forbade her from dating until her older sister, the sharp-tongued and rebellious Kat, started dating. Bianca was upset by this rule because she had a crush on the handsome and popular Joey.

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In comes Cameron, a new student who also has a crush on Bianca. He learns about her father’s rule and comes up with a plan to have someone date Kat so that he can date Bianca. He convinces bad boy Patrick Verona to date Kat, and they agree on a deal.

As Patrick tries to win over Kat, he discovers that she has a soft side and they start to develop feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Bianca’s plan to date Joey goes awry, and she realizes that she actually has feelings for Cameron.


As prom approaches, secrets are revealed, hearts are broken, and the characters must navigate through their complicated relationships. In the end, love prevails and everyone finds happiness in unexpected ways.


In the wealthy Beverly Hills, California, there was a charming and fashionable teenage girl named Cher Horowitz. Cher was the queen of her high school, and her life revolved around shopping, parties, and matchmaking. With her best friend, Dionne, by her side, Cher had everything she could ever want, except for love.

When she meets a new student named Tai, Cher takes it upon herself to transform her into a popular and stylish girl, just like her. However, as Tai becomes more popular, Cher begins to realize that popularity and fashion are not everything. Along the way, Cher also deals with her complicated feelings toward her ex-stepbrother, Josh.

“Clueless” is a classic teen comedy film that has become a cultural touchstone, thanks to its hilarious writing, iconic fashion, and endearing characters. The film explores themes of friendship, identity, and self-discovery, and has inspired countless imitators in the decades since its release.

Legally Blonde

Movies like Easy A

Once upon a time, there was a bubbly and vivacious sorority girl named Elle Woods. Elle’s world revolved around fashion, parties, and her boyfriend, Warner, who was attending Harvard Law School.

When Warner breaks up with her, Elle is devastated but decides to show him what he’s missing by enrolling in Harvard Law herself. Despite being dismissed as a ditzy blonde by her peers and professors, Elle is determined to prove herself and succeed.


Along the way, she makes new friends, including her loyal classmate Emmett and the stylish beautician, Paulette, who helps her overcome her fear of public speaking.

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As Elle navigates the challenges of law school, including a high-profile case and a rivalry with Warner’s new girlfriend, Vivian, she learns the true value of hard work, perseverance, and staying true to oneself.

“Legally Blonde” is a feel-good and empowering film that has become a beloved classic, thanks to its charming protagonist, sharp writing, and inspiring message.

She’s the Man

She’s the Man is a charming romantic comedy that tells the story of Viola Hastings, a high school girl who loves soccer. When her school cuts the girls’ soccer team, Viola is devastated, then, her twin brother Sebastian decides to skip town for a few weeks, leaving Viola with an idea: she’ll disguise herself as him and play on the boys’ soccer team at a rival school.

Viola undergoes a transformation, she cuts her hair short, straps down her chest, and poses as her brother at Illyria, the new school. There, she meets Duke, the cute and charming captain of the soccer team, and instantly falls for him. But Viola can’t reveal her true identity, since she’s pretending to be a boy, and so she has to navigate the tricky world of boys’ soccer while keeping her secret safe.


As Viola struggles to keep up the act, she faces a number of challenges, including dealing with her unbelievable roommate, who’s obsessed with her brother, and facing off against her old teammates from her former school. But Viola is tough and determined, and she manages to handle it all while still impressing everyone with her soccer skills.

Things get complicated when the real Sebastian shows up unexpectedly, revealing Viola’s deception. Duke is hurt and confused but eventually forgives her, and Viola proves that girls can play soccer just as well as boys. In the end, Viola’s true identity is revealed, she’s able to play on the girls’ team again, and she and Duke end up together, all while learning an important lesson about being true to oneself.

And there you have it, folks, 40 hilarious movies like “Easy A” if you’re looking for some good old teenage college dramas.

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