Top 50 Best Italian Movies on Netflix in 2023


Italian movies on Netflix – From “The Godfather” film series to “365 Days”, “The Tourist”, “The Two Popes”, “Beckett”, “Rose Island”, and many other movies alike, here are the best Italian films you can find on Netflix today, ranked from the best to the worst.

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Italian movies on Netflix
…But before then, kindly take note that by the time you’ll be reading this article & in Netflix’s usual tradition, some of the movies listed here might not be available in your location, or even worse, completely removed from the platform, so just in case you couldn’t find some of them on your Netflix’s app.

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Top 50 Best Italian Movies on Netflix (2023)

The Godfather19722h 55m9.2/10 (1.9M)
The Godfather Part II19743h 22m9.0/10 (1.3M)
The Godfather Part III19902h 42m7.6/10 (403K)
The Tourist20101h 43m6.0/10 (247K)
The Two Popes20192h 5m7.6/10 (127K)
365 Days20201h 54m3.3/10 (92K)
Beckett20211h 50m5.7/10 (27K)
Rose Island20201h 57m7.0/10 (22K)
Love Wedding Repeat20201h 40m5.5/10 (21K)
365 Days: This Day20221h 51m2.6/10 (21K)
A Classic Horror Story20211h 35m5.7/10 (20K)
Nothing to Hide20181h 30m6.8/10 (16K)
Suburra: Blood on Rome2017 – 2020TV Series7.9/10 (15K)
The Life Ahead20201h 34m6.8/10 (15K)
On My Skin20181h 40m7.3/10 (9.6K)
Tear Along the Dotted Line2021TV Series8.6/10 (9.4K)
The Next 365 Days20221h 52m2.7/10 (7.4K)
The Ruthless20191h 51m6.2/10 (6.6K)
Yara20211h 36m6.3/10 (5.5K)
Ultras20201h 48m6.2/10 (5.1K)
Baggio: The Divine Ponytail20211h 31m6.1/10 (4.8K)
The Hand of God20212h 10m7.3/10 (4.5K)
The Beast20201h 37m5.2/10 (4.5K)
7 Women and a Murder20211h 22m5.4/10 (4.2K)
The Binding20201h 33m4.8/10 (4.4K)
Curon2020TV Series5.9/10 (4.3K)
My Name is Vendetta20221h 30m5.5/10 (4.3K)
18 Presents20201h 55m6.9/10 (4K)
The Trial2019TV Series7.2/10 (3.5K)
Four to Dinner20221h 45m6.3/10 (3.5K)
Luna Nera2020TV Series5.9/10 (3.2K)
The Law According to Lidia Poët2023TV Series7.5/10 (3K)
Out of My League20201h 31m6.1/10 (3K)
The Catholic School20211h 46m5.7/10 (2.9K)
Under the Riccione Sun20201h 41m5.6/10 (2.8K)
The Man Without Gravity20191h 47m5.8/10 (2.6K)
The Invisible Thread20221h 49m6.8/10 (2.1K)
Security20211h 58m5.0/10 (2.1K)
Don’t Kill Me20211h 30m4.3/10 (2.1K)
Devotion: A Story of Love And Desire2022TV Series6.4/10 (2K)
Robbing Mussolini20221h 30m5.4/10 (2K)
The Players20201h 28m4.8/10 (1.8K)
Marilyn’s Eyes20211h 54m6.6/10 (1.7K)
Forgive Us Our Debts20181h 44m6.2/10 (1.7K)
The Last Paradiso20211h 47m5.7/10 (1.5K)
Slam20161h 40m6.1/10 (1.4K)
Zero2021TV Series5.8/10 (1.4K)
Caught by a Wave20211h 39m5.8/10 (1.4K)
The App20191h 18m2.8/10 (1.4K)
Django & Django20211h 20m6.9/10 (1.3K)
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And there you have it, folks, the 50 best Italian movies on Netflix right now, ranked from the best to the worst.

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