Google Pixel 7 Pro Review & Price in Nigeria


The Google Pixel 7 Pro won the best smartphone award for 2022 from notable tech reviewers, but it didn’t go down well with me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good smartphone but in my opinion, the award for the best smartphone of 2022 belongs to a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

I guess people are getting tired of giving Samsung the award every year now. But where I agree that the Google Pixel 7 Pro does well is in its pricing.

Google Pixel 7 Pro Price In Nigeria

You can buy a brand new one for $750 which is around ₦500,000 in Nigeria, for the 128 gigabytes internal storage option now.

Google Pixel 7 Pro Review

Last year, Google introduced some big changes to its Pixel lineup, but this year they’re sticking to pretty much the same mold with a few incremental upgrades, these include a longer five-time zoom, some new AI-based software features, a brighter screen, and a more powerful tensor G2 chipset.

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Build Quality & External Features

For the build quality, this smartphone is right up there with other flagship devices. The front and rear are made from glass that is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, and the frame is made from aluminum, so as the camera bump.


For the IP rating, it’s an IP68 water and dust-resistant smartphone, so dipping it inside water shouldn’t hurt it.

If you’re the type that must use two SIM cards in a smartphone I have good news and bad news for you, the Google Pixel 7 Pro comes with one sim tray. The good news is you can use an e-SIM with this smartphone, and the bad news is the Google Pixel 7 Pro doesn’t have a slot to expand the storage.

The smartphone has three microphones, one at the top, one at the bottom, and one on the camera bump. Next to the microphone is the 5G antenna.

On the right side is where there’s a bit of confusion, the power button is on top of the volume rockers which will confuse you when you start using it initially, but you will get used to it.


It comes with a USB type-c port and a speaker. The Smartphone has a dual speaker setup and it sounds fantastic, it’s easily one of the best-sounding speakers in my opinion. The speaker at the bottom is louder than the one at the top, it produces a deep and rich sound and when I compare the sound quality with the iPhone 14 pro and the S2 Ultra, the Pixel speakers win, moving to the fingerprint scanner, it works well 99% of the time.


The Google Pixel 7 Pro comes with a curved 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a QHD+ resolution.  it’s an LTPO display which means it has a variable refresh rate. The screen refreshes from 120Hz all the way down to 10Hz to conserve battery, it’s a bright display and measures around 1000 nits indoors and when taken outside an under direct sunlight it can go as high as 1500 nits.

If you’re the type that likes vibrant colors you can go into the display settings to enable adaptive colors, it does make a slight difference.  The colors pop a bit, the viewing angles are great on this smartphone and when you put the pixel next to the iPhone 14 Pro and the S22 ultra, the display doesn’t disappoint.

Processor & benchmark scores

Powering the Pixel 7 Pro is the Google Tensor G2 processor, it’s a 5nm processor and it’s fast.

As for benchmark applications, I would say otherwise. It might not have the highest benchmark scores but when you use the smartphone you’re going to notice that it’s fast.

Performance & Gaming

It played PUBG on HDR graphics and extreme frame rates, and the gameplay on this smartphone is good. It can also play Call of Duty Mobile at a high frame rate without getting hot.

RAM & Multi-Tasking

The Google Pixel 7 Pro comes with either 8GB or 12GB of RAM, and multitasking is fine on this smartphone.


The Pixel 7 Pro has some exclusive features that are only available on Pixel smartphones like the screen calling feature, which allows you to answer calls and find out who is calling you before you answer the call.


For the front-facing camera, the Google Pixel 7 Pro comes with a 10.8MP camera which takes amazing pictures, I like how it shows my skin tone, and comparing it to the pictures captured by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, I would pick the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Now moving to the rear camera, the Pixel 7 Pro comes with a 50MP primary camera, 48MP telephoto camera, and a 12MP Ultra-wide camera.


The Pixel 7 Pro comes with a 5,000 mAh battery and one thing that is really impressive is the standby time on the Pixel 7 Pro. The Google Pixel 7 Pro is a good smartphone but not the best smartphone of 2022.


The design is great, the display is good, the OS is stock Android and everybody loves stock Android. It does come with some Pixel-exclusive features that make it stand out from other Android smartphones, the cameras take fantastic pictures, the battery life is good and the price is great too.


I think the Google Pixel & pro is worth recommending.

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