Android 12 Beta update for Tecno Camon 17 – How to download and start using it on your smartphone.


Tecno has released a suspicious Android 12 Beta update for the Camon 17 smartphone, suspicious because unlike other smartphone OEMs that usually send updates like this over the air, and all you’ll have to do as a user is simply go to your phone’s software settings, download and install the update;

Tecno Camon 17 Android 12 Beta
Something like this.

Tecno has made theirs a bit difficult and even more technical, such that, if you’re not familiar with flashing smartphone ROMs in the past, I wouldn’t advise that you don’t do this on your smartphone, because, not only will you lose all the data stored on your phone, not if you backed it up beforehand though, but, if anything goes wrong during the said update or flashing process, you might end up with a bricked Tecno Camon 17 phone.

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And seeing the fact that Beta updates usually do not come without bugs and errors, I don’t think it’s really worth risking your phone for it.


But, if you still insist, and want to go ahead with the update, below are the steps to download and install the Android 12 Beta update on your Tecno Camon 17 mobile phone.

Tecno Camon 17 Android 12 Beta

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Steps to download and install Android 12 Beta update on your Tecno Camon 17 phone.

Before proceeding, please note these steps are meant only for the Tecno “Camon 17” phone alone, as doing this on other variants like the Camon 17 Pro or 17P might and will definitely render your phone useless, so please, proceed with caution.

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Now, let’s begin.

Step One

First thing first, we have to download and unzip the Android 12 Beta file and its flashing tool on our Windows-powered desktop or laptop PC.

You can simply tap/click the link below to download the file and mind you, it is a large 1.8GB sized file. Also, make sure that you’re downloading the appropriate one for your phone. If you have the 4GB RAM version of the Camon 17, then you should know that you’re to download the one labeled 4GB, and if you have the 6GB RAM variant, you should know what to do also.

Download Now: Tecno Camon 17 Android 12 Beta update file.


When you’re done downloading the file, like I said before, unzip it to your computer’s desktop, it will create a new folder which you are to open, and when you do so, you should have additional files contained in the folder like this.

Tecno Android 12 Beta: Step Two

From inside the folder, open the first folder that says “Driver_Auto_Installer_EXE“, and you’ll be taken to a new page with a .exe application file in it, run the application to install the necessary drivers required to flash your phone.

After that, go back to the main folder, now go to the file that says “SWDLoader” with the green icon, run it on your computer, and you should have a new screen that looks like this.

Tecno Camon 17 Android 12 Beta

From here, tap on the green play button located at the top left corner of your computer’s screen, next to the blue question icon, when you’ve done so, kindly turn off your phone completely, and plug it into your computer via the USB port.

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Once the software recognizes the presence of your phone, the software installation will be initiated, and once it’s done, you should get a green bar on your computer’s screen.

Step Three

After that, you can go ahead and unplug your phone from your PC, turn it on, and wait for it to boot, and it does finishes booting up, you should be seeing the new Android 12 Beta version running on your Tecno Camon 17 phone.

Tecno Camon 17 Android 12 Beta
Android 12’s new settings menu.
Android 12’s new notification quick toggles.
Tecno Camon 17 Android 12 Beta
Android 12 system information.

Step Four

And that guys, is how you can download and install the new Android 12 Beta update on your Camon 17 smartphone, but, what if after upgrading, you started noticing some bugs, and wants to go back to the previous build, which is Android 11?

Well, it’s a good thing Tecno has made provision for that as well, so, all you have to do is follow the link below to download the Android 11 file for your phone.

Download Now: Android 11 rollback file for Tecno Camon 17.

When you’ve done that, kindly follow the same steps you used in installing the Android 12 Beta file, and you’ll be good.


And that wraps it up for today on how to install and uninstall the Android 12 Beta update on your Camon 17 smartphones, kindly tell us if it worked for you in the comments section below, and if you find this guide helpful, kindly give it a thumbs up by sharing it, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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