HMD Global Announces Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G Phones, Retailing For Only $58 and $93 Respectively.

The good old Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000 classic phones are making a comeback in the form of the Nokia 6300 4G and the Nokia 8000 4G respectively.

Nokia 6300 4G
Nokia 6300 4G – GSMArena
Nokia 8000 4G

The Nokia 6300 dates all the way back to 2006, while the 8000 is a mixture of many different Nokia smartphones.

The new phones run KaiOS out of the box, which has a handful of apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, etc. In fact, KaiOS is more or less a miniaturized version of android for basic phones like the newly announced Nokia phones.

It has a dedicated and robust app store, and even have support for almost all major Google apps like Youtube, Google Assistant, GMail, etc.

Phones running KaiOS
Basic phones showing off KaiOS

So if you’re dying to have just one last moment with the good old Nokia phones, but this time, with a touch of android, then these phones might just be your breakthrough.

The phones have support for 4G networks, which is already obvious from their names, and can even connect wirelessly to other devices through its wireless WLAN and hotspot.

They both make use of a Snapdragon 210 chipset and comes with a 4GB size of internal storage which can be expanded via microSD cards for both, as well as a less than 1GB (512MB) RAM sizes for both.

The Nokia 6300 4G employs a 2.4 inches LCD panel for its display, while the Nokia 8000 4G makes do with a slightly bigger 2.8 Inches same LCD panel.

Both phones make use of a 1,500 mAh battery which according to GSMArena, Nokia claims that it can last up to 25 days on standby, with 4G enabled.

The 6300 4G model retails for just $58 USD, while the 8000 4G model retails for $93 USD, which is approximately 22,000 NGN and 35,000 NGN respectively, when converted to Nigerian Nairas.

So like i said earlier, for those who still want that good old and nostalgic Nokia feel, but this time with a touch of android, then these phones might just be your best bet at satisfying that urge.

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