Best Samsung Wireless Charger(s)

Best Wireless Chargers For Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, Note 10 & Note 10+

The best Samsung wireless charger(s) starting from the Galaxy S9 generation, down to the Galaxy Note 10 series, are listed below.

  • Official Samsung convertible charging pad.
  • Official Huawei 15W wireless charging pad.
  • GooBay universal Qi wireless charging pad.
  • Official Samsung 15W wireless charging stand.
  • Olixar slim 10W fast charging pad.
  • iOttie iON wireless mini fast charger Qi charging pad.
  • Anker 10W wireless charger.
  • Insignia 10W wireless charging pad.
  • Yootech 10W wireless charger.
  • Anker PowerWave 15 with Quick Charge 3.0
Best Samsung Wireless Charger(s)
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Wireless charging has slowly turned from a gimmicky feature on smartphones during its early days, and now it has become a thing that many people look out for, when making decisions of getting a new smartphone.

So if you’ve got any of the aforementioned Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S10e, the regular S10 with its plus model, the Note series, S9 series, and even way back to the S8 and S8 Plus devices, here are the ten best samsung wireless charger(s) that you can get your hands on right now.

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at them, one after the other.

Best Samsung Wireless Charger(s) for Galaxy S9, S10, & Note 10 smartphones.

1. Official Samsung Covertible Charging Pad

  • Charging Speed: 9W

Samsung convertible wireless charging pad

Just as the name suggests, it is official from the makers of the smartphones themselves, and it is at the same time, convertible.

Meaning that you can either use it while lying it flat on a surface, and placing your smartphone on top on it, or you can prop it to stand upwards, while leaning a little bit backwards, so that you can place your phone vertically on it.

Whichever position you choose depends on whether you want to be seeing notifications on your phone while it’s charging wireless, or not.

It has charging speeds of up to 9W, and according to Samsung, it can fully recharge your phone’s battery from 0-100%, in just 50 mins of charging. So it’s a good one if you’d ask me.

2. Official Huawei 15W Wireless Charging Pad

  • Charging Speed: 15W

Huawei 15W wireless charging pad

The official Huawei wireless charging pad has a lot of things in common to that of the Samsung, especially in terms of their shapes (oval).

The Samsung beats that of Huawei only because it is convertible, but Huawei beat Samsung in charging speeds.

So while the Samsung is busy rocking a 9W charging power, the Huawei doubles up that amount up to 15W charging speed.. So the choice is yours to make.

3. GooBay Universal Qi Wireless Charging Pad

  • Speed: N/A

GooBay Universal Qi wireless charging pad

Aside charging the Samsung Galaxy models alone, the GooBay can as well be used to charge other gadgets such as your Galaxy Active watches, the Galaxy earbuds, literally anything that is wireless charging compatible.

4. Official Samsung 15W Wireless Charging Stand

  • Speed: 15W

Samsung 15W wireless charging stand

If you don’t like laying your face flat down on surfaces just to wirelessly charge it, then this 15W wireless charging stand will be ideal for you.

But i think Samsung already addressed that issue with the convertible model of it, but this one blows it out out the water with charging speeds of up to 15W, which is even the highest number that the S10 and Note 10 models can go up to.

5. Olixar Slim 10W Fast Charging Pad

  • Speed: 10W

Olixar 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad

I kind of prefer the Olixar slim charging pad because of it combines both speed and style. I mean it’s not the best looking wireless charging pad out there, but it sure rocks.

And speaking of good looking wireless charging pads, here is the..

6. iOttie iON Wireless Charging Pad

  • Speed: 10W

iOttie iON wireless charging pad

The Olixar slim charrging pad looks stylish, but the iOttie wireless charging pad looks even more stylish and professional.

You might even mistake it for something else, except you were told it is wireless charging. It can fit and blend into your home decorations, office, etc.

And to cap it all, it has charging speeds of up to 10W, which is pretty standard nowadays for all generic non official wireless charging pads.

Other wireless chargers include the Anker 10W Wireless charger, Insignia 10W wireless charging pad, the Yootech 10W wireless charger, all three with charging speeds of up to 10W, and then finally the Anker PowerWave 15, with speed of up to 15W.

So that’s all about the best Samsung wireless charger(s) that you should get right now for your Galaxy S8, S9, S10 and Note 10 devices if you’re planning on getting one.

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