List of All Xiaomi Phones That Will Receive Android 9.0 Pie + MIUI 10 Update In 2019


Xiaomi’s MIUI 10 which is based on Android 9.0 Pie version is finally here, and due to the ton of very cool features and simplicity it brings with it, a lot of users such as you reading this, are very eager to know, if this new latest version update is coming to their smart phones sooner or later.

Well then, that’s where we come in. Today we’ll be showing a list of all Xiaomi smart phones that are eligible to start receiving the official MIUI 10 + Android 9.0 Pie latest version update in 2019.. #Enjoy

Complete list of Xiaomi phones to get Android 9 Pie Update in 2019

Android 9 Pie + MIUI 10 Update for Xiaomi Mi Phones

  1. Xiaomi Mi 8 (Already Gotten)
  2. Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro
  3. Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer (Already Gotten)
  4. Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite
  5. Xiaomi Mi 8 SE
  6. Xiaomi Mi 6
  7. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
  8. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s (Already Gotten)
  9. Xiaomi Mi A1 (Mi 5X) – Already Gotten
  10. Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X) – Already Gotten
  11. Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (Redmi 6 Pro) – Already Gotten


Android 9 Pie + MIUI 10 Update for Xiaomi Redmi Phones

  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro


Android 9 Pie + MIUI 10 Update for Other Xiaomi Phones

  1. Xiaomi POCO PHONE F1 (Already Gotten)
  2. Xiaomi Black Shark
  3. Xiaomi Black Shark Helo


Xiaomi Phones That Will Get MIUI 10 Software Update, But Without Android 9 Pie Update

Please take note that the devices listed in this category, will only receive the MIUI 10 software update and not Android 9.0 Pie. They will continue being in their former android versions while running on MIUI 10.

  1. Xiaomi Mi Mix
  2. Xiaomi Mi 5
  3. Xiaomi Mi 5s
  4. Xiaomi Mi 5 Plus
  5. Xiaomi Mi Note 3
  6. Xiaomi Mi Note 2
  7. Xiaomi Mi Max 2
  8. Xiaomi Mi Max
  9. Xiaomi Mi Max Prime
  10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X
  11. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Prime
  12. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
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Alright guys, so that’s the list so far. Please let us know if you feel any information on this article is incorrect and we will look into it as soon as possible.. And for the meantime, let us know in the comments box if your device is included in the list or not, and i’ll see you on the next one.. #Peace


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