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  •   The Huawei Honor Magic 2 is one among the few smart phones in 2018, to launch without a notch and no bezels also, which means its large 6.4 Inch AMOLED display, stretches across the display, from up to down. But what makes this phone particularly exciting, is not just the display, but what is beneath the display.

Huawei Honor Magic 2 full phone review, specifications and features

The magical Huawei Honor Magic 2 was launched sometime around October in 2018, and what makes this particular phone magical out of every other Huawei smart phones that was launched in 2018, because if you’d ask me what better phone i should use that word “Magical” for, i will readily tell you its the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, because why not, it has everything you’d ever want in a smart phone, super impressive triple rear cameras, very super impressive battery size and overall battery life, super impressive super charging speeds that can get you up from 0% to 70% in just 30mins of charging, has wireless charging, and not just wireless charging, but can as well wirelessly charge other devices using Reverse Wireless Charging, large screen and it comes with one the fastest mobile chips on the planet after the iPhone XS A12 Bionic Chip.. So what more could you ask for in a smart phone..? Nothing i guess.. But since Huawei decided to refer to this particular phone as its magical device, then let’s find out what really makes it magical.. Say hello everybody.. To the all new Huawei Honor Magic 2 smart phone, that comes not only with a very large 6.4 Inch AMOLED display, but a display that is not obstructed by any bezel or notch.. A display that is, without any form of sin, or guilt, or uncleanliness of the notch and bezel.. Say hello to the Magic.

Huawei Honor Magic 2

The Design, Display and Cameras

If smart phone designs are one of your top criteria to choosing a smart phone in 2018 and 2019, then i will say this new Huawei’s Honor Magic 2, won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

Starting off from the display itself, which is a pretty large 6.4 Inch Full HD+ AMOLED display, and sits majestically, covering the whole front of the device, then down to its gradient and sturdy back that switches between two colors when brought under light and positioned in some certain angles.

Huawei Honor Magic 2 Gradient colors

Huawei Honor Magic 2 colors

The smart phone itself is a piece of two separate metals + glass that are held together in place with God knows what, one for the front, and another one for the back.. So pull that same display downward, yes cause it can be pulled downward, and there lies your treasure.. A trio of front facing cameras, one 16MP standard shooter sitting majestically at the middle and staring right into your face, and then a double 2MP Depth sensors, one sitting at each side of the 16MP shooter, and i guess that’s what this magical thing is all about..

Huawei Honor Magic 2 front facing cameras

Then coming to other parts of the phone, well, what more can i say, same as the usuals, no headphones jack (check ☑️), and because of its all screen no Notch and bezeless design, it is unnoticeably shorter than its rivalry Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and even when this phone is made up of two separate glasses that are held together with only God and Huawei knows what, it doesn’t add any extra layer of thickness to it.. In fact, it is even slimmer than the Mate 20’s Pro and the Galaxy S9+.

But what it doesn’t have in height and thickness, it made up for it in Weight and Heft.. This phone weighs a ton. At 206g, it is 17g heavier than the Mate 20 Pro which is at 189g, 5g heftier than the extra large Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at 201g, and comes close to the iPhone XS Max which is at 208g. So even with its pretty small and compact size, you still might not be able to use it with one hand for a very long time, and it has every tendency to pull your pants down, when put into your pockets. I don’t know why i’m so concerned about the heftiness of this phone, but these are some of the very little things i make sure to look out for, when getting a new smart phone.

Huawei Honor Magic 2 vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro

And need i forget, did i mention that it ships with three vertically arranged cameras at the back? Yes and that makes it six cameras in total. Three at the front, and another three at the back. Though only the 16MP lens at the front is the one doing the shooting, the other two beside it are, one is used for Facial Recognition, and the other is used to achieve that blurry background effects in portrait shots, but they are still cameras aren’t they..?

Then coming to the back is a 16MP RGB lens clocked at an F/1.8 aperture, following suit is a 24MP Monochrome lens with same F/1.8 aperture, and then finally we have another 16MP Telephoto lens with an F/2.2 aperture, and don’t forget about the AI Vision thing also, that takes care of Smart Scene Recognition and improving the overall picture quality sometimes and only when it gets it right.

Huawei Honor Magic 2 camera review

But in order to be as honest as possible, i will say, pictures taken with the new Huawei Honor Magic 2, appears to be crisp, clear, perfectly saturated, with lots of depth, and as sharp as a good picture should be.. Here, take a look.

Camera Sample of Huawei Honor Magic 2

Now let’s talk about..


Well speaking about performance, then i will say just the same way the Mate 20 Pro got you covered with lots of speed and overall endurance in keeping up with lots of apps opened and left in the background and heavy gaming also, then the Magic 2 also got you covered. Because why not, these both phones ship with the same processor and RAM size, a Hisilicon Kirin 980 chipset, which in my opinion, is the second fastest Chipset after the Apple’s own A12 Bionic chip, and a pretty chunky 8GB or 6GB of RAM. To make the whole thing seem more juicy, you get to choose from either a 256GB or 128GB of storage, but they are not expandable.

Gaming performance of the Huawei Honor Magic 2

So just as i said, performance especially playing games on the phone is buttery smooth and will give you no issues at all even after very long hours of gaming, and you can as well breeze in and breeze out through apps anytime you want.. But the only place it might seem you might want to have issues is on the battery.


Yes for a big phone like this with a big screen and lots of cameras, and did i also mention that it has an Indisplay Fingerprint Reader, yes it does actually have one, but when i say one, i mean one which is not actually as fast and as dependent as what you’d get on a OnePlus 6T or a Mate 20 Pro. In this case, it takes a quite bit of a longer time and lots of pressure from your fingers before the phone could be unlocked. But the facial unlock works pretty fast and flawless, unlocking your phone just immediately you slide down the display to reveal the front facing cameras, that you might even end up thinking it was the sliding mechanism that unlocked the phone.

Face unlock on the Huawei Honor Magic 2

So for a phone that is as big as this with lot of cameras and screen all over the place, then you’re shouldn’t be wrong if you’re looking up for at least a 4000mAh power battery.. But no, this phone doesn’t have that much of a battery, but instead, it ships with a still manageable 3500mAh battery, and still doesn’t come with Wireless Charging.. But what it couldn’t have in battery and wireless charging, it had in overall charging speed. So just as we saw with the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro, this phone also ships with a 40Watts power quick charger out of the box, that can take it up from 0% to 50% in just 15mins of charging. So at any time your battery seems to be at the dying edge, just plug it in with its charger, and it will be ready, up and running in no time.

Okay that’s enough for the performance and let’s talk about the software..

Android Version and UI

Now with this new phone, Huawei decided to rename their iconic EMUI, and this time they called it the Magic UI. But let me tell you that there is nothing magical about it.

Huawei Honor Magic 2 android version and new Magic UI 2.0

It comes out of the box with a lot, and i mean a lot of Chinese bloatware apps which are scattered all over your home screen, so you will needing some extra time to delete or disable those one after the other. It ships with Android 9.0 Pie out of the box, but it doesn’t just feel like it. I mean there is no trace of simplicity in this new Magical UI. And one thing i was curious about was to see if the camera app could be launched when sliding down the display to reveal the front facing cameras, but nothing of such came with this phone, you can’t even assign an app or trigger an action with the sliding mechanism, except from Huawei’s new Yoyo AI Assistant, which only understands Chinese for now.. So i hope Huawei cleans up this mess with a future software update and at least allow us to assign an action when sliding in and out of the camera.

Okay people, so these are everything we think you need to know about the new Huawei Honor Magic 2 using this short Indepth review. Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below, and i’ll see you on the next one.. #Peace.


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