Huawei Honor 8C Review – Everything You Need To Know About This Phone In One Piece

Now even if this Huawei Honor 8C smartphone is not one of those top Huawei phones that usually gets a worldwide recognition every year, but at least, it is still a smart phone that is worth writing something about, because why not, this smart phone offers some prettily crazy impressive specs, but still comes at a price that is below $180. So with that, let us go ahead to tear this piece limb from limb, with an aim to see what it is all about.. Enjoy.

The Huawei Honor 8C smartphone review

Huawei Honor 8C Review – Design

Now i know that not a lot of people are going to notice this immediately they picked up the new Huawei Honor 8C, but truth be told, the body is actually plastic, but it was crafted in a way that it mimics a glass by making it glossy and shinny. And talking about glossy, it means its gonna attract a lot of smudges and finger stains starting immediately from the moment you picked it up.

But even at that, we can’t dispute the fact that for a below $180 phone, the new Huawei Honor 8C looks beautiful crafted and premium to say the least. It comes in a variety of four different very cool colors, and right here, we’ve got the Aurora Blue.. Other colors include the Midnight Black, Platinum Gold, and i think the last one should be Purple or so.

Huawei Honor 8C colors
Huawei Honor 8C Colors

Then going round the body of the device, first is we have dual camera lenses at the back, at the top is nothing, and as usual we’ve got the power button, volume rockers and sim card tray at either sides, then coming to the bottom is where you’ll find all the connectivity that you’ll need.. First is a 3.5mm headphone jack, coming next to it is a Micro-USB 2.0 Charging port (not Type-C), and last is the speaker grills.

On the front that’s where you’ll find the most usable part on this device, and by saying that, i’m talking about its 6.26 Inch HD+ display, with a notch up top that houses a single 8MP camera. This phone doesn’t have face unlock, so the 8MP camera is probably for just taking photos alone.

Huawei Honor 8C Cameras

And at the bottom of the display, you’ll find the Honor branding, and after that, i guess nothing more.. Alright so that’s enough for the design, now let’s move over to the next part of our discussion.

Huawei Honor 8C Review – The Cameras

Alright so i already said it once that this phone ships with two camera lenses at the back, and for the sake of numbers, we’ve got the first one as a 13MP sensor with an aperture that is clocked at F/1.8, while the second remains and stays as a 2MP Depth Sensor with an aperture of F/2.4.

Now for the fact that this a below $180 smart phone, i will tell you that you shouldn’t be expecting those kind of pictures qualities that you see on higher priced smart phones, but truth be told, the sharpness, clarity and overall quality of photos taken with this smart appears to be above average and they really beat my expectations. And coupled with the fact that almost every smart phone Huawei releases nowadays has this AI something going on in them, you can take pictures with or without turning on the AI mode on this phone.

Photo samples of the Huawei Honor 8C
Picture shot with AI Mode enabled
Photo shot without AI Mode enabled

So in conclusion for the cameras on this phone, i will say out of a 100% score, i will be giving it something between 70 to 75 or 80%. And i think that should do.

Huawei Honor 8C Review – Performance and Software

Okay for those who care about the figures, we’ve got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 14nm chip in it, sitting on a 4GB of RAM and with either a 32GB or a 64GB of Internal storage, and coupled with the fact that this thing is running with Huawei’s EMUI Customized Skin which is not that too heavy of a software if you’d ask me, i will say that you should be expecting a buttery smooth navigation on this phone. I mean opening apps and browsing through web pages, switching between apps back and forth and all that shouldn’t be a problem at all, but problems only kicks in when you try to push the phone to its limits, and when i say that, i mean opening multiple very heavy apps on it at a time, such as games, now that’s probably when you’d be expecting to notice some few lags and stutter here and there, but nothing too serious to stop you from doing and enjoying whatever it is that you’re doing on the smart phone.

Gaming performance of the Huawei Honor 8C
Performance on the Huawei Honor 8C

And lest i forget too, this phone ships with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box and runs on Huawei’s EMUI 8.2 skin alongside the Android version.

Huawei Honor 8C Review – Conclusion

Now i didn’t even plan on making this review this long, because i feel i’ve already touched all the most crucial parts of the phone that everybody is probably gonna be concerned about, so i will be concluding this review here.

But before we bade ourselves goodbye, let me use a moment to say this. For a $170 smart phone, i will say that i’m pretty impressed, display is large and vibrant, above average cameras, nice and smooth performance, unless you push it to its limits which even give you very serious issues to deal with, and lest i forget too, a large 4000mAh power battery without fast charging and at a pretty considerable price, i will say that this phone is a nice bargain, like if you’re looking for something capable to spend some time with and you don’t have up to a 200 to $600, then i think you should really consider looking at the Honor’s side.

So that’s it for today everyone.. let us know what y’all think about it by hitting us up on the comments box below, and i’ll see you on the next one.. #Peace.


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  1. For the price it's a must grab! I have a Oneplus 5T so I'm ok for now.
    Awesome article tho, thanks for the info

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