Our Recommended 4 Best Ways To Make Extra Cash While Playing Games Online


Okay, truth be told, everyone loves playing games right? because why not, games playing is fun, and in one way or the other, it helps to keep one’s mind relaxed and stay focused.. so kudos to games..


But what if i tell you there’s actually a way you can be making some extra cash outside your main job while playing some of those your favorite games right here on the internet.. Yes, you can actually be making a little bit more cash to yourselves while playing those games.. now that sounds like even more fun right..? because who doesn’t need money, not to talk of the one you’re making without stressing yourself..

Okay, so now this is how it works, there are actually some very good websites which you can go to, register for free and play games for free, and in return, you will be rewarded in cash for a time well spent, now this is not just any online or internet virtual money which you can’t spend physically, this is real money that will be credited into your bank account balance once you’ve reached a given payment threshold and you requested for a withdrawal.. Now that’s some very cool stuff right there right..?

So what i’ll be doing today is pretty simple.. Out of the numerous websites that you could go to and play games for free, and in return make some little more cash to your pockets, i will be listing out and discussing four of them in details which are legit, and which i think are the best for you.. So without further ado, let us begin with the very first one.

1. Clip2Play

Alright, so Clip2Play is one of the best online money making sites where you can earn real cash while playing games.. There is a very wide variety of games for you to play that one can choose from, ranging from Action games, to Adventure, Driving, Fighting and Puzzle games.

So just choose the one which works best for you to get started immediately and start making some additional cash for yourself.. See here to get started.

2. Paid Game Player

So here we got another great site where you can make money.. But unlike Clip2Play, right here on Paid Game Player, you have two options of generating income for yourself. You either decide to play games or you complete surveys, either way will put some cash into your pockets.

Registration too is free, and once registered, you will be given access to over 600 games scattered into different categories. Users compete amongst themselves, and whoever wins, goes home smiling. Click here to get started.

3. Betting Top 10

Now if you are a South African and you love betting or gambling and you love casino games too, but
you’re faced with the constant challenge between deciding what’s the best betting or gambling sites
where you can place your odds on, well say no more, because right here we’ve got BettingTop10.

Betting Top 10 is a South African based online betting guide website that lists and provides all the Information you need on some of the best online betting platforms available. Their services include providing reliable information and guides about sport and casino betting games and providing relevant links to those betting sites already mentioned. So when you have the best guide at your disposal, why not try to test your luck and confidence by trying some of the internet based betting platforms provided by them, sounds cool right..

4. Gamesville

Alright, for the last but not the least here we have Gamesville. And like other online gaming sites, there is quite a handful of different collections of games such as Card games, Bingo games, Puzzle games and Casino games.

Registration is free as usual and you will be given a 5000 points bonus upon registration which you can use to start playing games immediately and make more points in return. At the end, these points can be converted to real cash.. So you see, cool right.

Okay guys, so that is it for today on some of the best ways you can earn a side income while gaming on the internet.. Let us know if we missed anything in the comments section below, and i will see you on the next one.. #Bye

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