6 Ways To Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” On Any Infinix Phones Today.

That one notice “Unfortunately app has stopped” can be very annoying, frustrating and a pain in the ass especially when it occurs with some of your most used apps.

Now one very funny thing is that, it occurs with almost every android smart phones out there, regardless of the type whether high end, midrange or low end, and even regardless of the make whether Samsung phones or Infinix, the Google Pixel phones, OnePlus, Xiaomi and the rest, they all have this one thing in common, “Unfortunately App Have Stopped“.

So here’s what we’re gonna be doing today. Today we’re gonna be telling you some of the things or reasons that causes it, and the five ways to fix them.. so sit back and relax, grab a pack of pop corn, and let’s get this done with..

6 best Unfortunately app has stopped solutions for Infinix phones


What Is “Unfortunately App Has Stopped”?

Okay now in simple terms, this is an annoying notice that comes up whenever an app forces itself to close due to some of the many various serious which we will be discussing right here and right now.

What Causes It?

Now we can’t tell for sure the exact cause of this issue as there are several many factors that comes into play when such bad things like this happens, but we’ll be giving you some of the main factors that can lead to your apps suddenly closing up on you while you’re using them on your android phones.

1. Too Many Apps Are Open At Once, With Not Enough RAM Space To Contain Them All.

Yes this is one of the main reasons and the very first place you should consider looking into when your apps seem to suddenly and unfortunately close down on you. And this usually occur on phones with too low RAM, such phones with less than 3GB of RAM.

It can as well happen on phones with as large as 4 to 6GB(s) of RAM, but that is on very rare cases, and that is if only the user has too many apps open and running at the same time on the background.

Unfortunately App Has Stopped – Solution 1

So here’s what to do if you experience such cases on your phone. Close some of the many apps that you have opened in your phone’s background. Probably close the ones which are not being used at the moment.

Opening 12 to 15 apps on a phone with less than 3GB of RAM is as good as pouring a 5litre water into a 3litre container, which simply means its not gonna work.. Now i hope you got the logic.. Alright then, now let’s move on to the second cause.

2. Two Many Processes Running At The Same Time On Your Phone

Okay now for one thing, this particular cause and the one discussed above have something in common, and are closely related together, because they both have to do with RAM.

But in this case we’re not talking of the number of apps that are opened at the same time on a single phone, but we’re talking of the number of processes or activities that are going on, on the phone at the same time.

Activities such as an Opened WiFi or Hot-spot, Bluetooth, cellular network, device location, incoming notifications, streaming or playing music or watching videos, etc. Now you can count the number of activities that are going on at a time on a single phone.

There are even some days when i have more than what has been listed up there going on in my phone at once. Yes i know that these things are called smart phones and they are meant to carry out these activities and processes without breaking a sweat, but we shouldn’t push them too far to the wall if we don’t want to keep getting the “Unfortunately this app or that app has stopped” notifications.

So in a nutshell, cut down on the number of activities you carry out on your phone at a time, most especially if your phone is not on the high end or mid-range category.

3. Too Many Log Files And Cache Files In App’s Register

Alright, now you never can tell but having an app installed in your phone for too long can as well lead to this problem, because the longer the app stays on your phone, the more it generates log and cache files both on the app’s register and on your phone’s RAM as well.

And when this registry eventually gets filled up and there isn’t enough space to write and store new incoming log files and cache files, what happens?.. the app eventually packs up in bid to tell you.. “I am not doing again.. LOL“.

Unfortunately App Has Stopped – Solution 3

Okay, now so nobody is asking you to delete your apps, like why would i want to do that? No, all we’re asking you to do is this; once in a while, like once in every two weeks, try to clear the apps cache data from the app settings in your phone’s settings menu.

Clearing the app’s cache data will result to the app loading slow on startup, but at least it would stop closing up on you at whatever time it pleases.

4. Failure To Update Apps To Their Latest Versions

Most of the times, app developers and manufacturers don’t just release new versions of their apps just because they have something completely new to add to it. No, sometimes new versions of apps are released just to fix bugs and errors that were discovered in the former version.

And one thing I’ve come to discover is that most phone users are simply ignorant as to the importance of updating their apps to their various latest versions, and which I’ve finally come to the conclusion that not updating your apps is simply a bad practice because the app will simply become obsolete, some features might and will stop working, and then finally, it will eventually close up on you when it feels it can’t keep up any longer.

So take some minutes to update your apps today, most especially those ones that are very far aback from their latest versions.

5. Your Smart Phone Has Been Turned On For Too Long

Yes i know this one might sound like “It’s a joke” to you, but one thing you guys never know is that, sometimes we just need to give these things a break. Most people reading this right now, the only time when your phone goes off is when the battery finally drops dead and there is no ready means to charge it up immediately.

Now it is good for our mobile phones to stay turned on at all the times, at least that is what they were created to do, but at least, once in a while, maybe once in everyday, when you think that the thing is overworking itself and tends to freeze every now and then and begins to close apps unnecessarily, just turn it off, let it be for a few minutes, and turn it back on, and you will see the phone flying through apps like they are nothing.. Its not easy to be a smart phone you know. So that is it for that, now let’s move on to the next cause.

6. Bugs, Virus Infections and Rooting Of Phones Can Lead To Apps Suddenly And Unnecessarily Closing Up

You know, sometimes we do some freaky things on our smart phones, while ignoring the fact that there might be consequences maybe sooner or later. Things like rooting our android phones, erasing and installing custom roms and many more, yes it is cool to know how to do some of those stuffs, but now what happens when your knowledge finally turns back to haunt you.

Right now I’m not saying whoever that feels like rooting or tinkering around with their phone’s manufacturer software shouldn’t do so, all I’m saying is you should make sure you know what you’re doing in order not to render your phone ineffective, and mind you, some of these custom roms you’re installing might come with bugs and viruses hidden inside of them, which might probably prevent apps to open or force them to stop working anyway. So in this case, all you have to do is to try and unroot that phone.. period.

So In A Nut Shell, Here Are Some Things You Should Do If Your Phone Keeps Forcing Apps To Close Unnecessarily

6 Best Solutions To Fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped On Any Infinix Phone

  1. When you have too many apps opened and running on your phone at the same time, try to close the ones which are not being used at the moment, it helps to free up RAM and also helps to give your phone’s battery some breathing space.
  2. Endeavor to clear log files and cache files from your phone’s memory and apps registry, too many log files and cache files causes phones to slow down and eventually forces apps to close.
  3. Always make sure to update your apps to their various latest versions
  4. At least once in every single day, turn your phone off for a few minutes then turn it back on again. It helps to properly refresh your RAM, and helps the phone regain working balance.
  5. Avoid rooting your phones, yes i know it might sound pretty cool to root phones, but there’s no fire without smoke, which means there must surely be consequences. And if you’ve already rooted your phone, unroot it now.
  6. If you notice and you’re sure your phone has a virus living at the inside of it, try to do a factory reset and i believe everything should be back to normal, just as it was in the beginning.
  7. Last Resort – Now if after doing all these things and the problem still persists, please kindly go and get yourself a new phone… Thank You… I think i have done the best i can do for you.

Alright guys, so i guess we’ll be calling a day right here at this juncture. Please let us know of any more ideas you know of that has worked for you in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share this article, and subscribe to our free newsletter if you’ve not done so.. Bye and see you some other time..



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