Top 10 Best Productive Android Apps For Every Computer Science Students


People will always tell you that the world we are living in today, is a global village, but they wouldn’t give you reasons to defend their statements. And that is the reason why today, I will give us one reason why I also believe in that statement.

first of all, i will like us to know that; this article is dedicated to all Computer Science Students in Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, and all other Computer Science Students within and outside Nigeria, in their various and respective tertiary Institutions..

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Now if you can just spare let’s say 2-3 minutes of your time to just play around in google play store, you will find out that there are dozens of apps which are divided into dozens of categories, and these categories points to different people, with different professions and hobbies. Say gaming, education, music, just name them.

So out of this many categories of people, today we’ll be discussing about students, and not just students, but computer science students. Whether you are based on web designing or app development, graphics design or video editing, or you’re still learning the basics of programming in whatever language you’re using, here are my top 10 hand-picked apps, which I think every computer science student should have in his/her smart phone.

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I’ll be dividing this apps into five categories, and we have…

  1. Programming Languages Learning apps (For both starters and professionals)
  2. web designing/development apps
  3. photo editing and graphics design apps
  4. video editing apps
  5. Desktop Publishing apps (Microsoft office apps)

So without wasting no more time, let’s head straight to the first one on our list.

1. Programming Language Learning Apps.

Under this category, i am only recommending one app, and this is the app that helped build my foundation in the computer science industry, even before i got selected for admission in my present tertiary institution right now. and this is non other than the..

Solo Learn App (Learn playing, Play learning)

To me, i shouldn’t have included this, because i think it should be very popular among both programmers and non-programmers, but after much research, i discovered that not many like me out there, has even heard about this awesome stuff.


Just as it is called “SoloLearn“, it simply means it is an app you can use on your own, without the help of a third party to put you through. It comes in separate apps for different Programming languages, but you can as well download the complete pack, which includes all the programming languages that is currently being supported.(HTML 5, JAVA, CSS 3, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, JQUERY, SWIFT, SQL, C#, C++, PYTHON 3 and RUBY)

SoloLearn list of available courses

One thing i love about this app is that, for every lesson you are learning, there is a built-in virtual code editor, where you can test out what you’ve learnt in real-time.

SoloLearn Code playground

There is also a large community of users from different locations, both within and outside the country, that you can discuss issues with.

SoloLearn Question and Answer Section

Test out your programming skills by doing some basic and hardcore coding challenges with them.

SoloLearn Challenge section

View and test out codes written by other people, and of which you can also write your own. it is more of a github kind of stuff.

code playground 02

And this app also comes with badges for different levels of your programming skills, so the more you learn and master the keys, the more higher your ranks.

SoloLearn badges

And for every course completed, you are awarded a certificate which you can save in your gallery or share with your friends.

Certificate awarded to you after completing a course

So you can (should) head over to Play Store right now and type SoloLearn into the search box, or simply Click Here, to download it.

Tip: This app thought me everything i know about web designing today. and it will also surprise you to know that this website was designed single handedly by me, of which you can do same too.

And that brings us to the second category on our list.

2. Web Designing/Development Apps

Now this category is mainly meant for those persons like me out there, that doesn’t have a PC (laptop), but want to start something (coding) on their own, as soon as possible. Just as we all say, that there’s no more excuses nowadays, for whatever you plan on doing or achieving, and that is the main reason why, even if you can’t afford a PC for now, but have a smartphone, then you are so very good to achieve that which you wish to achieve in the Computer Science Industry.


In this category we have quite a bunch of apps.. and coming to the first on our list, we have…

anWriter Free

The anWriter Free (don’t know what’s with the name anyway) is a free code editor app, which is gaining a whole lot of popularity in the Google Play Store. Can i call it a mobile version of Notepad++ in PC?

It is used to write programs and scripts, for many different programming languages, ranging from Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. but i mainly use it for my web scripting.

It comes with syntax highlighting and live preview of written codes, to see what you’ve done so far.

anWriter coding environment

anWriter code preview

So if you’re like me out there, you don’t have a PC you can call your own, but you are code hungry, please don’t hesitate to run to Google Play Store right now, or Click Here to download it.

WebMaster Lite

The webMaster Lite, performs the same functions, as the anWriter Free above, but the reason why i didn’t list this first was because, it is less robust than the later. It is used to write codes in many different languages, but i choose to use it also for web scripting. And this was the first app i was using to write codes, before i got to know about the anWriter Free. It also has a live preview option, which is only available in the Pro(paid) version. But you can let me know in the comments box, if you are interested in getting the Pro version for free.

webmaster coding environment

the preview section for webmaster

You should Click Here to download it right now, before something bad happens.

VT View Source/Html Source Code Viewer and CSS Selector

These are two separate apps, that helps you achieve the same function, but with different flavors. Just as they are called, these apps helps you to view source codes of web pages on the internet, just like the function found on PC Web Browsers. So since this function, has not debuted on mobile browsers, we have to make do with what we have.

The first does it in a more basic way, while the second does it in a more professional and nice looking manner. All you have to do is
open any of the apps listed above,
input the web url of the page you wish to view it’s source code,

html source code viewer

and in a matter of seconds, you are live..

html source code viewer 02

You can download the VT View Source From Here, and the HTML Source Code Viewer and CSS Selector From Here


And the last one we have in this category is..

Online Compiler

The online compiler is a virtual compiler designed for mobile devices.. It works as an Eclipse or Netbean Compiler on PC. You are given the options of writing and compiling programs for 10 languages… and the interface, is simple and easy to use…

Select the language you wish to code with,

Online Compiler language selector

Write your program, and compile..

Online Compiler code editor interface

PLEASE NOTE: That program compilation requires an internet connection. You can head to Google Play Store right now or Click Here to download this awesome stuff.

So that is it for the second category, and coming to the third category of apps, which is..

3. Photo Editing/Graphics Design Apps.

In this category, we have just two apps, and i term these apps an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. There are a bunch of stuffs you can do and achieve with these apps, only if you’re focused and know what you are doing. And the first in this category, we have the


The pixelLab is a free to use app available on Google Play Store, with amazing features, that will take you off balance. It can be used to cut out and manipulate individual parts of a picture, making use of unlimited number of layers. it can also be used to create 3D texts, color correction, and many more.
Here are some cool stuffs i did when i was trying to create a Logo for my site.

PixelLab photo editor first illustration

PixelLab photo editor second illustration

PixelLab photo editor third illustration

Click Herenow to download it for free.


The picsArt, is same as the pixelLab, save for it being more robust and realistic, and has many more features than the later. It comes also as a free app on Google Play Store, but has a Pro version with more advanced editing tools that will make you forget about the popular Adobe Photoshop. And here are some of the many things you can do with the PicsArt.

A professional looking photo done with picsart

Another professional looking photo done with picsart

Another picsart editor photo

Picsart 04

picsart 05

Click Here now to download it for free.

And coming to our fourth category of 10 must have apps for every computer science students, we have..

4. Video Editing Apps.

I am recommending just two apps on this category, but i’ll only talk about one, because they are pretty much the same. These apps are called PowerDirector Video Editor and Kinemaster Video Editor

Kinemaster Video Editor

Think of this app as the Adobe Premiere Clip or the Final Cut Pro on PC, cause it does pretty much everything you can do on a PC. It comes with video layers for editing videos separately and adding special effects. it also comes with a bunch of other layers to achieve many cool stuffs.

Kinesmaster video editor interface 01

You can cut and merge different parts of a video, edit or completely remove sounds from videos, Increase or decrease video playback speed, do some nice color corrections to videos, add texts to videos and many more.

Kinesmaster video editor interface 02

Kinesmaster video editor interface 03

Kinesmaster video editor interface 04

But one down side about this app is that, your device must be running on some top High-end specs, for this app to work smoothly on your smartphone. If not, you might experience a lot of glitches here and there, which might leave you feeling frustrated.

The app comes in both Free and Pro version, which costs a price. You can as well let me know in the comments box below, if you want to get the Pro version for free. So you should Click Here Right Now now, to download it. And you can as well Click Here, to download the PowerDirector Video Editor.

And that is it for category 4. And we are heading to the last category, which is..

Desktop Publishing Apps.

I wouldn’t be talking much here, cause this is what i believe every student (Computer Science and Non-computer science) should know about. There are a bunch of desktop publishing apps both on PC and Mobile platforms, but lets make use of the popular Microsoft Apps, which is more like the Microsoft Office debuted on PC. Under the Microsoft Apps, we have the complete list of all apps.
MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, all available on Google Play Store. (MS Access is not currently supported for mobile devices). These apps are not as robust as those debuted on PC, but they can help you get some jobs done very quickly, without you always scrambling to your PC. You can download the Microsoft Apps From Here, or search for them individually on Play Store.


So these are my top ten apps which i think every Computer Science Student should have in his/her smart phone. If you think there are some apps which should be added, please don’t hesitate to let us know using the comments box below…

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Cheers… emmanuelGodwin

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