2 Most Beautiful and Stylish Android Music Player App Recommend For 2019


People have different taste for music, and that is the reason why, there are loads of Music Player apps both within the outside the android environment , that all aim at trying to satisfy this unquenchable taste for music. And because there are varying taste for music, people won’t stop crawling google play store day and night, in order to get the best music player app, for their android devices.

recommended music apps for android

So in today’s article, we’ll be focusing on those people, who are looking for the best and rugged android music players, and yet still maintains a very beautiful and stylish look, and are also very responsive. So grab a cup of coffee, and a pack of cheese balls, and lets get this done with. The two music player apps we will be discussing today, are listed below.


  • Retro Music Player




  • HQ Music Player



Retro Music Player

Coming in at No. 1 is the Retro Music Player app. We all know there are a bunch of stylish and beautiful looking music players out there in Google Play Store, but one thing we love about the Retro Music Player, is for its simplicity and minimalistic design, with beautiful colors that matches with the white background.

The retro music player home screen

You are given the options to change the color preference to your taste, when you open the settings tab.

selecting and choosing different color accents


Retro music player settings page

Now this music player app doesn’t come with its own Sound Equalizer, which means it makes use of android native equalizer to boost sound, and this simply translates to not getting that top notch sound quality..

Native android equalizer

But not withstanding, there are a lot of options to play around with when you download and install the app. So why not run to Google Play Store right now to get it, or simply Click Here, to download.

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HQ Music Player.

We don’t know the meaning of HQ, but all we know is this; the HQ Music Player is as simple as whatever you can think of. The HQ Music Player relies on gesture controls, for its entire navigation, and operation, and it comes loaded with some amazing animations attached to it. These are a list of things you can do on the HQ Music player..

Swipe Up to see track list


Swipe Down to see music track info


Swipe Left for previous track


Swipe Right for previous track


Zoom in and out to increase or reduce volume


Two finger rotate back and forth to control music player timer

So there you have it guys, the HQ Music Player, in its simple, but yet stylish and beautiful ui. There are no forms of settings attached to it. You just get to enjoy the simple and fluid design and swiping of the app. Go get it right now from google play store, or simply Click Here to download.

Let us know what you think of our two best music player apps for android, and in case you know of other cool music player apps like these ones, and you want us to talk about them, please feel free to tell us, by using the comments box below.. bye and we hope to see you on our next article.

Cheers… emmanuelGodwin

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