Google Files Go Walk through – A Simple Best File Manager App For Android Smart Phones


The Google Files Go is a simple, but yet powerful file manager app developed by Google, to help android users deal with the task of managing space in their smart phones, in a more simplistic manner. It helps you free up space on your phone, find files faster, and share them easily offline with others.

On the Home page of the app, it gives you highlight of your device storage, and below it are card-like tabs, arranged vertically one after the other, that gives recommendations to help you free up space. It shows unused apps from the last 30days, apps with large cache or unnecessary files and duplicate files.

Google Files Go Homepage

So all you have to do, is tap on any tab of your choice, choose what to delete, and what not to delete, and you’re done.

Choosing what goes and what stays

At the bottom of the app, is a Files tab, with a default Files Manager view, with files divided into categories, which includes; Downloads, Received Files, Apps, Images, Videos, Audio and Documents.

Google Files Go File Manager

You can as well delete files from this section, and you can also decide to backup your files to Google Drive or Microsoft Dropbox before deleting them, by using the Share button.

Backing Up your files using Google Drive or Microsoft Dropbox

Files Go also comes with a File sharing tool that lets users share files offline, in an encrypted format (i.e files can not just be sent to any random user, the user must first have to approve the connection between the devices, before sending and receiving can take place)

Sharing files offline, over an encrypted connection

NOTE: For File Sharing to take place, both parties must have Files Go installed in their devices. To download the Files Go app, please Click Here.


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