5 Apps and Websites to Download Video HD with No Watermark


I am going to show you the 5 best apps and websites to download video HD with no watermark. High-definition (HD) video has become a lookout or criterion for quality online video content creation.

As a content creator, accessing a large library of HD video footage to use in your videos is very important.

Most HD video sites attach their logo or watermark to preview clips of the videos they offer, rendering them unusable for your content.

Finding resources to download completely watermark-free HD video gives content creators much more creative freedom and professionalism in their work.

When you can access and download HD videos without any watermarks, you have the flexibility to fully customize and edit the clips to perfectly fit your content. You can crop, trim, speed up, slow down, and arrange clips however needed without having those annoying and distracting watermarks in the frame. This allows you to maintain a branded look from start to finish.


Having a complete editing process with watermark-free HD downloads also helps you maintain the industry’s best practices that are made for ownership and creative rights. You won’t have to worry about improperly using someone else’s branding or identity that has been tied to video footage. The content is yours to uniquely transform rather than redistribute in its present form.

Apps and Websites to Download Video HD with No Watermark

When you are looking for where to source HD video content that doesn’t have watermarks, you have to know that both mobile apps and websites provide reliable options. These options are specifically made for content creators and video editors.

1. CapCut

CapCut, Apps and Websites to Download Video HD with No Watermark

CapCut is a user-friendly mobile video editing app that has a library of HD videos that are completely free of watermarks. After you have easily downloaded the app through the Google Play or Apple App Store, content creators can access CapCut’s “Materials” section to search and download from a wide range of B-roll and background videos in full HD. The built-in editing interface also makes putting together beautiful and professional-grade video content simple, even for first-timers.

2. iStock Video Download

iStock Video Download

iStock does offer premium-paid subscriptions for stock photos and footage, and it also allows visitors to download up to five videos per day for free in HD. iStock maintains a rapidly updated library with video clips covering a huge variety of subjects and styles. As content creators, when downloading HD videos for free from iStock, you still need to attribute iStock in their video descriptions, but there are no watermarks on the actual clips. This gives creators videos that can be customized to uniquely make their own.

3. Videvo


Videvo brands itself as “the world’s leading stock footage platform,” with over 1 million royalty-free stock videos. When you visit Videvo’s site or app, you will see a huge, diverse database, even in their free stock video offerings. Content creators can search for HD videos under Videvo’s “Videos” section by keyword or browse by category. While many videos require paid subscriptions to license, Videvo selects some videos in 1280×720 HD as free downloads without any watermarks applied.

4. Pexels


Pexels has a large selection of HD videos that are accessible to content creators for completely free downloading and use. Their videos cover categories like nature, technology, people, substances, and more. Videos on Pexels simply require attribution to the creator without any visual watermarks integrated into the HD videos. The website offers an easy search tool to filter specifically for free HD video downloads that are relevant to your content, whether you want them as both MP4 and MOV files.

5. Pixabay


As a longtime major resource among content creators, Pixabay allows users like videographers, vloggers, social media managers, and more to avoid watermarks by downloading free HD video straight from their extensive media library. The site’s filter tools make finding and customizing the perfect HD video simple. Pixabay videos also come without attribution requirements, giving creators flexibility in editing the clips specifically for their brand.


Access to watermark-free downloadable HD video equips content creators to maximize both quality and customizability in their work. Platforms like CapCut, iStock, Videvo, Pexels, and Pixabay offer straightforward ways to browse and use HD stock footage based on specific creative needs. With the perfect clips in hand, content creators can edit to impress their audiences and also maintain professional standards.


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