How to Share Data on MTN through SMS


How to share data on MTN through SMS::If you’re looking for information on MTN data transfers and sharing, you’ve come to the correct place.

The money you paid your carrier to use their services-such as sending texts, making phone calls, and utilizing data-is represented as airtime credits. Also, almost all service providers offer tools that let customers transfer or exchange airtime credits.

MTN is not an exception. Customers of the biggest mobile network provider in Africa can exchange and transfer credits with friends and family.

Specifically, MTN allows for the sharing and transfer of airtime thanks to two features. MTN Share and MTN Data Gifting are these. You can move airtime from your MTN account to another person’s MTN account via MTN Share, formerly known as Share ‘N’ Sell.

How to Share Data From MTN to MTN

How to Share Data From MTN to MTN

Sharing MTN data can be done in three main ways:

  • *Using SMS
  • *Through the MyMTN App
  • *Using USSD Codes

How to Share Data on MTN through SMS

Although the SMS method is incredibly simple to use, it is not as quick as other options. Below is how to share data on MTN through SMS: 

  • *Text “Transfer number amount” to 321 as an SMS message.
  • *Take “Transfer 080xxxxxxx 500” as an example to share 500MB.
  • *With this option, you can share up to 3GB every day.

That covers the basic processes for sending and receiving MTN data via SMS, USSD codes, and the MyMTN app.

How to Share Data through the MyMTN App

In comparison to the USSD code, this is still a simpler method of sharing your info with a friend over an MTN line. Do not become alarmed if the USSD Code does not work. This approach is one that you can employ:

  • *Get the MyMTN app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • *Enter your MTN number to log in.
  • *Proceed to the “More” area and choose “Share & Borrow.”
  • *After selecting “Share Airtime/Data,” choose “Data.”
  • *Enter the amount to be shared and the recipient’s number.
  • *Verify the transfer.

How to Transfer Data on MTN Using USSD Codes

MTN’s data transfer code is *321#, and it is one of the simplest ways to send data from your data balance. Here’s how to go about it:

  • *Follow these steps to share data using USSD codes:
  • *On your MTN phone, dial *321#.
  • *Choose the “Gift” option.
  • *”Transfer from Data Balance” should be selected.
  • *Enter the MTN number of the recipient.
  • *Enter the size of the data to be shared (up to 3GB).
  • * Confirm the transfer of data.

How to Check Your Shared Data Balance

You should verify whether the data was taken from the sender’s line and successfully credited to the recipient after exchanging data on MTN.


The MTN data share balance can be viewed in the following ways:

  • To check your MTN data share balance, dial *312*4#.

When you dial, your remaining data balance will appear on your screen. You will also receive a text message with information about all of your data bundles, including the transferred data.

  • You can also check the transferred data balance on your MTN line via SMS. Sending an SMS with the number 2 to 312 will result in a response with your MTN data balance.

These simple procedures ensure that you can validate the data share and keep track of your remaining data balance.

What Is MTN Data Gifting?

What Is MTN Data Gifting?, Code to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN

MTN recognizes the value of maintaining relationships with friends and family. To make it easier for account holders to share their mobile data with others, MTN offers a service called MTN Data Gifting.

Users can transfer a portion of their active data bundle to other MTN lines via the MTN Data Gifting, also known as MTN Data Share, feature.


There are two ways to exchange data: either buy a new data bundle to give to someone else, or transfer data from your balance to another number. This is exclusively shared with MTN subscribers.

However, MTN Data Gifting offers a simple means of participation for all users, irrespective of account type, SIM card type, or data package.

As long as they have an active balance, both new and current prepaid and postpaid users on 2G, 3G, or 4G networks can transmit data bundles of any size.


MTN Data Gifting is a novel service that enables prepaid and postpaid clients to seamlessly exchange data with others, regardless of account details or network technology.

By removing limits on data plan types, SIM card generations, and bundle sizes, all MTN subscribers will be able to engage in data transfers straightforwardly and inclusively.


Because of this increased accessibility, more customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of data sharing, increased connectivity, and improved communication via mobile devices.

MTN Data Gifting exemplifies the company’s dedication to bringing people together by providing innovative offerings that are convenient for its broad client base.

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