Code to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN


Code to cancel auto renewal on MTN: After you buy a new data plan, there’s a little pop-up on your phone screen. It’s quite easy to ignore. You know the one where, after subscribing, you are asked to select between “One-Off” and “Auto-Renewal”?

Code to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN

Sometimes we click “Auto Renew,” which turns out to be the incorrect decision, and other times we reject it too quickly.

Before you know it, a data plan you purchased a few days ago is being automatically renewed using your airtime balance. It can be a little inconvenient, particularly if other services were meant to be covered by that airtime.

We’ve put up step-by-step guidance in this post that will walk you through the process of stopping, opting out, and the code to cancel auto renewal on MTN.

What is Auto Renewal option?

One handy feature that keeps your subscription renewed automatically when it expires or runs out is auto-renewal. In essence, the same amount that you used to get the recently expired data is deducted from your phone line or account.


While there are some incredibly cheap data plans available from these telecom carriers, you are not required to use the auto-renewal feature.

What occurs, though, if you mistakenly choose the wrong option? How can you end and escape this loop of data subscriptions?

For certain users, especially with the new USSD code that many are still having problems deciphering, things might get a bit confused. Thus, the following is a comprehensive process that you can use.

How to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN

One of the easiest ways to stop your MTN auto-renewing data plan is to do this. Here’s how to use USSD on MTN to stop auto-renewal.

  •         Dial *312#
  •         Choose Data Plans (Option 1)
  •         Choose Next (Option 99)
  •         Choose option 3 (cancel auto-renewal)
  •         Choose Manage Data (Option 11 or 12)
  •         Choose Cancel Auto-Renewal (Option 3)
  •         Select Bundle to Opt-Out Of

You will receive a confirmation message and the auto-renewal will be successfully terminated once all of the aforementioned steps have been completed.

How to Cancel MTN Auto Renewal using MTN App

The MyMTN App allows you to disable auto renewal on MTN as well. To disable auto renewal on MTN, simply download the MTN app, and follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the app
  2. Navigate to the subscription.
  3. Click on the ‘Cancel Auto-Renewal’ ‘Turn Off’ or ‘Opt-Out’ button

Note: Depending on when the app is updated, this varies periodically. Simply select any of those options to turn off your data bundle’s auto renewal.

How to Cancel MTN Auto Renewal using MTN App

How to Cancel MTN Auto Renewal through SMS

Knowing how to stop MTN a1. auto renewal via SMS is a useful option:

  1. Open your SMS app
  2. Send the correct command to 312 (the exact command changes depending on the package; for example, send NO113 to 312 to stop 200MB of data).
  3. You will receive a confirmation text message.

Specific Code to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN

1. How to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN 100MB

A common question is how to stop auto-renewal for MTN 100MB.


Simply text “NO104” to 312 or 131 to accomplish this. A confirmation message will be sent to you.

2. How to Cancel Auto Renewal for MTN Social Bundle

Here is how to successfully disable MTN social bundle auto renewal.

Send “STOP” and the data bundle code (e.g., “STOP WAD” for WhatsApp daily) to 131 or 312 to stop auto-renewal on MTN social bundles.

Code to Cancel Auto Renewal

The following codes are often used on MTN to stop auto renewal for specific bundles:

  1. MTN daily plan: Send “NO104” to 312
  2. MTN weekly plan: Send “NO102” to 312
  3. MTN monthly plan: Send “NO106” to 312


It’s not hard to figure out how to turn off MTN auto-renewal. You now know how to stop MTN’s auto renewal for various plans and packages by using these ways.


Remember that the secret is to follow the right procedures for your particular needs, whether it’s the MTN opt-out code, how to disable auto-renewal on MTN via the app, or other techniques.

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