How to Upgrade MTN SIM to 4G in 2024 (The Easiest Guide)


The fourth generation, or 4G, network is unquestionably better than the 3G network. With the 4G LTE network, you can download many things at the same time without any delay. 

You should be set to go as long as there is a network available where you are and your phone has sufficient data.

However, with 3G, it may be difficult to download multiple files at once. Even browsing is difficult with 3G because it is constantly slow.

If you’re still on a 3G network, I recommend upgrading to a 4G LTE network to experience the difference. 


This post will show you how to upgrade MTN sim to 4G, and make sure you have all of the appropriate documentation with you.

MTN 4G LTE Service

MTN 4G LTE Service

4G LTE service is also known as Fourth Long Term Evolution, which makes it the fourth generation of MTN telecommunication technology that provides a very fast internet surfing system.

4 G LTE is still the implemented version, but there’s another generation that will be fully launched soon and it would bring twice faster speed than 5G network. But in this article, we cover only 4 G LTE .

Telecommunications technology is constantly developing so that everyone can have a nice browsing experience.

4G LTE has speed rates of up to 200Mbps, which typically means faster downloads, improved video call quality, and live streaming.

Since you have not upgraded your MTN SIM to 4G LTE, I can assure you confidently that there will be so much you miss out on. 


Therefore, you need to keep up with quality video calls and fast browsing, live streaming among others.

How to Know if My Phone is Compatible with a 4G Network?

Make sure your gadget supports the 4G network before migrating to 4G LTE. This is the first step toward upgrading your MTN SIM card.

Some devices, particularly Android phones running version 7.0, do not support 4G networks. They are restricted to 4G networks.

To find out whether your device supports the 4G network, follow the steps below: 

How to Upgrade MTN SIM to 4G

How to Upgrade MTN SIM to 4G

Following verification that your phone is compatible with the previously mentioned 4G LTE network, follow the instructions below to update to the MTN network

  •         Go to the settings app on your phone
  •         Select internet and network.
  •         Choose mobile network.
  •         Choose the SIM card you wish to check the status of if you are using more than one SIM card.
  •         Tap on the preferred network type. 

Check the available networks list. If a 4G network is accessible, it indicates that you qualify. After that, you can go to the MTN office that is closest to you with the necessary documentation to upgrade. k’s 4G network.

  •         Back up your contacts.
  •         Carry a valid national ID to any MTN service center that is closest to you.
  •         Request for a SIM upgrade
  •         Provide your previous SIM card.
  •         Complete the provided form.
  •         A new 4G capable SIM card will be sent to you.
  •         Restart your phone after inserting the new SIM card, then enjoy.

How to Upgrade MTN SIM to 4G Online?

Regretfully, unless you visit the closest MTN office with your needs, you are unable to upgrade your MTN SIM from the 3G network to 4G LTE on your own or online.

However, you are the only one who can independently verify the eligibility of your MTN SIM card online. 

Similarly, if your SIM card has already been updated and your device is compatible with the 4G network, you can change the network on your phone from the 3G to the 4G network.

Many people choose not to visit the closest MTN office to upgrade their SIM card due to several disadvantages. Instead, they acquired a new 4G SIM card.


However, MTN has made it mandatory for anyone wishing to upgrade their SIM to visit one of their closest locations due to security concerns.

Most importantly, you should find out if upgrading to 4G LTE is possible for you.

How to upgrade MTN SIM Card to 4G Code

How to upgrade MTN SIM Card to 4G Code

Once you’ve verified that your smartphone is compatible with the 4G network, you can only verify if your MTN SIM is eligible. And generally through SMS. To find out if your MTN SIM card qualifies, take the following steps:

  •         Open your phone’s SMS app.
  •         Text 4G to 131
  •         You will receive a notification message including your eligibility status.

So what happens if I get a notice saying my SIM card isn’t compatible? Well, don’t ever freak out, ignore the message everything will be fine.

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