Barbie Movie Review (2023 film) By Margot Robbie


Barbie Movie Review (2023 film) is a movie produced by Margot Robbie. The movie has a strong message for all, most especially for women to learn from. Check my review to understand better.

Barbie Movie Review (2023 film) By Margot Robbie

For some reason, Mattel was all for an existentialist meta-comedy about the inconsistency of the individual self in connection to society for young people, and I kind of enjoyed Barbie, a strange and perplexing movie.

It is a story of an idealized being from a world gone wrong who must deal with mistakes and problems in the actual world, speaking to the value of having dreams, even in the face of impossibility, and concerning what it means to mature.

Barbie is a fantasy film about fantasy, and it’s also among the best fantasy movies that came out recently. The real star of the movie is the set design. Everything about Barbieland is simply amazing, incredibly well-shot, and faithfully recreates Barbie’s Dreamhouse.


Barbieland is a wonderfully plastic place with a vibrantly colored aesthetic where everything is both genuine and artificial.

Barbie Movie Review 2023 By Margot Robbie

Barbieland, a place that mimics the inner reasoning of a young child playing with her toys, is where the movie opens.

Not only is it a hot pink matriarchy in which men are merely fashion accessories, but Barbie also tiptoes and softly floats out of her ideal home—a home devoid of steps. That is, until the day our main character, Stereotypical Barbie, starts considering fading out.

Weird Barbie, the Barbie who has been played with a bit too much, gives Stereotypical Barbie the mission to go into the real world, locate the young girl who is playing with her, and address whatever problem is making a child worry about developing cellulite. This is because more and more of the real world is starting to seep into Barbieland.

And to be honest, it kind of is if the basic idea sounds like any of a dozen cheesy live-action versions of a favorite childhood classic. However, I contend that if you really think about it, Barbie and The Last Unicorn have a lot more in common than the Smurfs film.

Barbie finds herself compelled to seek advice from Weird Barbie, a Barbie who has been treated too harshly and who resides in a home filled with all of the discontinued Barbies and Kens.


Strange Barbie tells her that if she goes to the real world and helps the person who is playing with her, she will be able to overcome her depression. Beach Ken, who has nothing better to do, joins Barbie on her voyage of self-discovery.

There were flaws with this film. In a monologue, Jeeziskrice did it, like a series of monologues. And the movie kept coming up with clever jokes after clever jokes. We got to enjoy some amusing dance moments and show tunes.

All that constant monologue ought to have been turned into a catchy song. However, it didn’t, and as a result, the movie nearly kills itself by attempting to squeeze in lots of complex dialogue.

Barbie Movie Forgot to Show Instead of Tell.

Barbie Movie Forgot to Show Instead of Tell.

The film’s most significant problem is its frequent quick pacing. It constantly jumps around from one concept to the next.

Character arcs and emotional beats typically skim the surface rather than going in fully. Specifically, there is a recurring storyline that seems incredibly hurried about a mother and daughter connecting.


However, this movie is unique and imaginative. It enchants. I’ve never seen some of the funniest scenes till now. Its imaginative style is quite “childlike,” which I truly enjoyed.

I apologize to the movie’s star, though. Now below are the four most notable characters in the movie:

1. Liu Simu:

The man has proven to be an amazing, versatile, and skilled actor. Give that man more movies, please. Right now.

2. Ryan Gosling

The man proudly portrayed Ken. He embraced being Ken. In a way, his songs and journey are just as significant as Barbie’s, and that holds a very big significance to the movie’s “men too!” theme.

3. Kate McKinnon

For an outstanding supporting role in 2019, she must face Florence Pugh in a death match.

4. America Ferrera

I started crying when I saw her role. Not to give anything away, but the “mom scene” at the end made me cry. I don’t have a mother. All I have are picture montages of my mother, whom I remember having.


This movie in question is excellent. It was not the same. It must mean a great deal to many women who experience many of the same pressures as Barbie. That, in my opinion, is what makes it unique and valuable.

The story also looks into the constraints of masculinity and the stigma associated with being perceived as “one kind of man,” except a (obviously gay) “otherized” guy who merely seeks acceptance.

This is not a story of a misandrist. This tale is a fairy tale. If you search for negative meaning in the story’s ambiguity or if you feel the need to selectively conclude the entire scene (including the language that goes along with it), you will assume perfidy everywhere you go.


Many of those thinkers are just whiny because they feel that they need to be attacked to validate themselves, promote their brand, or, worse, gather a group of crybabies who believe in conspiracies.

Isn’t Margot Robbie too old to Cast as a Barbie?

Isn't Margot Robbie too old to Cast as a Barbie?

Margot Robbie, at 33 years old, is intended to portray Barbie, a doll typically associated with a 19-year-old image. Given the diverse range of professions linked to Barbie, including those requiring a college degree, such as a veterinarian, doctor, nurse, or astronaut, it would be more fitting for a 33-year-old woman to assume the role and make a name for herself in these fields.

Businesswoman Ruth Handler created Barbie, and with Mattel’s assistance, other young women should be able to follow in her footsteps and succeed in their careers.


Handler made her own action figures in 1945 because she wanted her daughter Barbara to have toys similar to those of her brother Ken. In March 1959, the first Barbie doll made its debut at the New York Toy Fair, and a ground-breaking TV commercial made Barbie a household name.

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