When will The Fortnite servers be back up for Chapter 5?


A whole new season is starting, and while players wait impatiently to get off the war bus once more, Fortnite will be unavailable for a while.

However, Epic Games is being evasive as usual about when the outage will finish and a new season will start. The majority of the upcoming season’s content has already surfaced online; Peter Griffin, Solid Snake, and other celebrities are anticipated to be prominent features.

What is the duration of the Fortnite Chapter 5 servers’ outage?

Although a specific time has not been announced, Fortnite Chapter 5 is anticipated to be unavailable until the following hours on December 3. However, that might alter based on any potential problems:

7–10 am BST/GMT, 1-4 am CT

Once more, all of this is speculative and based on information leaked by leakers and recent updates from Epic Games. At this point, we anticipate it to go back up, though it might happen sooner or later


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