How to Check WAEC Result Using Your Phone without scratch card



Arguably the most popular exam in Nigeria, the West African Examinations Council otherwise known as WAEC has been the standard raiser for students across Nigeria. It’s a good news that you vcan check Waec result using your phone.


Also known for its commitment to high standards and credibility, WAEC conducts examinations across the West African region, ensuring the evaluation of students’ knowledge and skills to aid their educational and professional pursuits.


Checking your WAEC results is as important as writing the exam itself as it cannot be overstated. 


It provides students with a clear assessment of their performance, helping them make informed decisions about their educational and career paths. 


In addition, it serves as a foundation for higher education pursuits and employment opportunities.



The convenience of checking WAEC results using a phone is a significant technological advancement that has made the result verification process easier for students. 


Accessing their results via mobile devices is a user-friendly and accessible method for students to monitor their academic progress and plan their next steps effectively.


Getting Prepared to Check the WAEC Result


Getting ready to check your WAEC requires that certain conditions be met.


Below are the requirements you need before starting to check your WAEC results via your mobile phone


  • A mobile phone with internet connectivity


  • The phone number used during the WAEC registration


  • A valid WAEC scratch card for result access


Gathering the necessary information for result checking can make the process go smoothly.


  • Ensure you have your WAEC examination details, including the examination number and center number.


  • Keep the phone number used for WAEC registration handy.


These are more tips to ensure a much smoother result-checking process:


  • Double-check the accuracy of the information entered while checking the results.



  • Although the process is relatively easy, find a comfortable and quiet space to check your results to reduce distractions.


Step by Step Procedure for Checking WAEC Result Using a Phone


With a large number of students using their phones to check their WAEC results, it will do some good if you knew the proper steps to take to arrive at your results through your phone.


Below is step-by-step guide for checking WAEC results using your phone:


  • Obtaining the result checking card or PIN: You can purchase a valid WAEC scratch card from authorised dealers or outlets.


  • Opening the web browser on the phone: Locate and open the web browser application on your phone.


  • Accessing the official WAEC result checking portal: Enter the official WAEC result checker website URL in the web browser’s address bar.


  • Entering the required information, including examination number and PIN: When prompted, input your examination number and scratch card PIN in the designated fields.


  • Submitting the information and waiting for the result to load: After entering the information, click on the submit or check result button and wait for the system to process the request.


  • Checking the result and saving it for future reference: Once the result loads, carefully review and understand the outcome. You can take a screenshot or save the result for future reference.


Following the above steps will help you efficiently check your WAEC result using your phone, ensuring a stress free experience.


Advantages of Checking WAEC Result Using a Phone


There are several advantages associated with checking your WAEC result on your mobile phone.



One of the primary advantages of checking WAEC results using a phone is the unparalleled convenience and accessibility it provides. 


Students are no longer required to physically visit an office or examination center to obtain their results. 


With a smartphone in hand, they can access their results from anywhere including at home, school, or on the go. 


This accessibility proves to be effective for students, saving them valuable time and effort.


Furthermore, the traditional process of result collection often involved long queues and extended waiting periods. 



By transitioning to mobile result checking, WAEC has significantly reduced the time it takes for students to obtain their results. 


With just a few clicks on their phones, students can swiftly access their scores, eliminating the unnecessary delays and reducing the stress associated with waiting.


Finally, embracing digital platforms for result checking also contributes to environmental sustainability. 


The change towards electronic result dissemination reduces the reliance on paper-based processes, thereby minimising paper usage. 



This eco-friendly approach aligns with the global effort to promote sustainable practices and reduce the carbon footprint. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I check my WAEC results using any type of mobile phone?

A: Yes, you can check your WAEC results using any type of mobile phone as long as it has internet connectivity and a web browser.


Q: How soon after the exams can I check my WAEC results on my phone?

A: You can check your WAEC results on your phone as soon as they are officially released by WAEC.


Q: Are there any charges for checking WAEC results on my phone?


A: Yes, there are usually charges associated with checking WAEC results on your phone, which include the cost of the scratch card required for result checking.


Q: What if I encounter difficulties while checking my WAEC results on my phone?

A: Should you encounter difficulties, you can contact the WAEC support team for assistance. They will guide you through the process and address any issues you may have.


Final Thoughts


In conclusion, checking your WAEC results using a mobile phone offers convenience and accessibility. 


It allows you to easily access your results from anywhere with internet connectivity, making the process efficient and hassle-free.



All students are highly encouraged to utilise the phone method for checking their WAEC results. 


It not only hastens the process but also ensures that you receive your results promptly, enabling you to plan your next steps without delay.


Remember, your WAEC results play a crucial role in shaping your future academic and career opportunities. 


Regardless of the method you use to check your results, the outcome holds significant importance.

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