How to Check Phone Number On MTN


Not everyone can recite their phone number, what is simple to you might be very difficult for some other person. So if you are having difficulty on how to check phone number on MTN, this is an article to help you out.

How to Check Phone number On MTN

Meanwhile, the Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) is a telecommunication company that was founded in 1994 and they have become a global giant in the whole of Africa.

With a high number of subscribers across African countries, MTN is now the leading mobile service provider in many countries in Africa and this is not something to debate about.

MTN started its journey in South Africa aiming to connect individuals and business groups through telecommunication service.

At first, when this company started (MTN), their vision was not just to provide basic communication but to make individual interaction with technology revolutionized.


know this in case you don’t know; your phone number is your private identity when it comes to the world of communication, don’t forget that.

Now, if you are an MTN user and you do not know how to check your MTN number from your mobile phone, this article is for you.

How to Check Phone Number On MTN

Checking MTN Phone Number Using the USSD Code

1. Checking MTN Phone Number Using the USSD Code

USSD Code is the most convenient method for all devices, especially for basic devices (non-smartphones),

Other methods can take longer to process, like using a Mobile App if you have not installed the app.


The simplest way to discover your MTN number is by using the USSD code provided by MTN.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Dial *123# and send.
  • On the prompt screen, reply to the option number for Account Info.
  • Next, on my tool page. Select the option number again for My number.

Your MTN mobile number will be displayed on your screen through a pop-up message, and you will also get it as an SMS containing your Phone number.

2. Check MTN Phone Number Using the Mobile App

This method is widely available to Smartphone users because of the involvement of app downloads.

Apart from checking your phone number, so many things can be done with MYMTN App.

Checking phone numbers on MTN with a mobile App involves an internet connection.

  • Ensure you have a data connection
  • Go to your App Store and search for the “MyMTN” App.
  • Install and download.
  • Open the app and set it up with your phone number.
  • If you have the process done already.
  • Login to the App and see your phone number displayed on your dashboard.

3. Check Your SIM Card Tray or Device Settings

If you prefer to approach it manually, you can find your MTN number on your SIM card tray or your phone’s settings.

Here’s how to do it:

For Android Phone:

  • ==>Access the “Settings” app from the app drawer or notification shade.
  • ==>Scroll down and select “About Phone” or “About Device.”
  • ==>Tap on “Status” or “Phone Identity.”
  • ==>Look for “My Phone Number” or “SIM Status” to find your MTN number.

For iOS Systems

  • Open the Settings app from your home screen.
  • Tap on Phone or  Messages.
  • Your MTN number will be displayed under My Number.
  •  Visit an MTN Service Center

4. Checking Phone Numbers through Calls or Text Messages

  • Apply this method if you cannot access the USSD code or if other methods don’t work on your device.
  • Find a friend or family member with your MTN number saved in their contacts list and get your phone number.
  • If people found around you don’t have your number saved in their contact list, ask one to dial his or her  number on your mobile phone, then send a call, when the call connects, or the message is received, your mobile number will be displayed on their phone

In case you have tried any of the above didn’t work, ensure to visit any MTN office for customer service assistance.


Now you know the easiest way on how to check phone number on MTN. Knowing how to check your number is very important, you could either get it through your customer service agent, through USSD codes, by doing to your device settings, or MYMTN Apps.

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