15+ Best Paul Rudd Movies on Netflix You Can Watch Right Now


Paul Rudd might not be the most popular Hollywood actor, but he’s sure some people’s favorite, having starred in blockbuster films like Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man, etc. So, if you’re searching for some of the best Paul Rudd movies on Netflix that you can stream right now, then you’re at the right place.

Paul Rudd Movies on Netflix

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15+ Best Paul Rudd Movies on Netflix You Don’t Want to Miss

Friends1994 - 2004TV Series8.9/10 (991K)
Knocked Up20072h 9m6.9/10 (371K)
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy20041h 34m7.1/10 (359K)
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues20131h 59m6.3/10 (183K)
Clueless19951h 37m6.9/10 (220K)
Ghostbusters: Afterlife20212h 4m7.1/10 (181K)
Monsters vs. Aliens20091h 34m6.4/10 (164K)
This is 4020122h 14m6.2/10 (142K)
Our Idiot Brother20111h 30m6.4/10 (88K)
The Fundamentals of Caring20161h 37m7.3/10 (74K)
Wet Hot American Summer20011h 37m6.5/10 (58K)
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp2015TV Series7.3/10 (24K)
How Do You Know20102h 1m5.4/10 (51K)
Mute20182h 6m5.4/10 (36K)
Living with Yourself2019TV Series7.2/10 (32K)
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later20173h 36m6.9/10 (8.9K)



“Friends” is by far one of Paul Rudd’s most popular movies yet. It tells the story of the personal and professional lives of six twenty to thirty-year-old friends living in the Manhattan borough of New York City.

Joey a struggling actor, Monica a chef, Rachel a waitress who hopes to work in fashion, Ross a paleontologist, Chandler who hates his job in data processing, and Phoebe a masseuse/musician.

Knocked Up

“When Alison Scott is promoted in E! Television, she goes to a nightclub to celebrate with her older married sister Debbie. Alison meets the pothead reckless Ben Stone and while having a small talk with Ben, Debbie’s husband Pete calls her to tell her that their daughter has chicken pox. Debbie leaves the place but Allison stays with Ben, drinking and dancing along all night; completely wasted, they end up having a one-night stand. Ben does not use a c*ndom and eight weeks later, Allison discovers that she is pregnant. She calls Ben and they decide to try to stay together and have the baby. However, Ben needs to grow up first to raise a family of his own.”

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

“In 1970s San Diego, journalism was a well-respected profession and people actually cared about what they saw on TV. And the top rated anchor man in the city is Ron Burgundy.”


“He enjoys his run at the top and has for the last five years, but that’s all about to change for Ron and his cronies when an ambitious woman is hired as a new anchor.”


“Cher is rich, pretty, blonde, popular, and knows how to talk anyone into doing just about anything. When she can’t get a teacher to give her a better grade, she and her friend Dion match him up with another teacher to make him happier… and maybe a bit laxer on his expectations. When a girl named Tai transfers to Cher’s school, she and Dion give her a makeover and attempt to find her a boyfriend. Cher soon realizes that she wants a boyfriend herself, but no one seems right. She goes through a spiritual makeover and realizes that there’s more to life than clothes and popularity before she finds the boy of her dreams.”

And that wraps it up for the top 15 best Paul Rudd movies on Netflix that you can watch right now. Give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you find it helpful, and as always, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, #peace out.

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