Poll: How old is your current smartphone?


One trend we’ve seen in recent years is for people to hold on to their smartphones for longer and longer. This makes sense, as phones released in the last few years tend to age well in terms of performance, battery life, and other factors.

How old is your current smartphone?

So if people are holding onto their phones for longer, how old are these devices? Did you buy a newly launched phone this year? Or are you still holding on to a phone from 2019? You can give us your answer by voting in our poll below.

Just to clarify, we’re talking about when your phone was first released. So if you bought a 2019-era Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series phone in 2021, you should vote for “it was released in 2019.” Furthermore, we’re referring to your primary device if you’ve got more than one phone.

We can totally understand if you’ve got a much older phone too. For example, I’m still rocking 2017’s Infinix Zero 4 as my personal device, although a battery replacement is probably in order by now.

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