The LG V40 ThinQ Onetime Review – A Five Camera Madness

•   Now do you want to know what the the new LG V40 ThinQ is all about..? Okay count this.. a Standard 12MP 27mm lens with with an F1.5 aperture and optically stabilised, another 12MP 57mm Telephoto lens with an F2.4 aperture, also optically stabilised, now as if that wasn’t enough, there is also a third 16MP 16mm Super-wide angled lens without Optical Image Stabilization.. But that’s not all.. Continuing on the front is another 8MP 26mm standard lens with an F1.9 aperture, and a second 5MP 21mm Wide angle lens with an F2.2 aperture.. Summing everything up, we conclude that we have a total of five staggering individual camera lenses on a single smart phone.. Now that’s what the new LG V40 ThinQ is all about.. So in other words, join us today, as we review this beastly 5-camera lens smart phone from LG Electronics… enjoy..

LG V40 ThinQ Review
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So to kick off this review for the LG V40 smart phone, let us start by discussing..

1. The Design… and The Display

So as you would have guess, the LG V40 follows the footsteps of every other top high-end flagships and even some midrange phones that have been released in 2018.. You know, bring some internals and slam two glasses on it, one on the front and another at the back, give some nice curves to the glasses, and guess what, business continues.

LG V40 ThinQ Design.

So in other words, the LG V40 is made up of glass both front and back (Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to be precise), and personally i don’t think there’s anything else to be excited about here since these are what we’ve been used to seeing on other flagship smart phones out there. But a little bit of an excitement comes when you turn the phone to its back, and you’re greeted with those three individual camera lenses that has their individual roles to play when it comes to taking photos on the LG V40 ThinQ. but we’ll be coming back to that in a minute.

Turn it to the front and you’re again greeted with a massive 6.4 Inch OLED display with resolution locked at 1440 × 3120p and a pixel density of roughly about 537DPI, with very slim bezels both on the top and down and even on the sides, very close to what you’d get on the iPhone XS and also a notch. And in that notch, there lies sitting comfortably two front facing cameras which we’ve already made mention of in the introduction of this article at the very top of this page.. But we’ll be going Indepth to that one too in a minute, so just wait a little bit.

LG V40 ThinQ Display


The LG V40 ThinQ Notch Display.

So in conclusion for the design aspects of this phone.. Well i will say that the phone is unarguably a pretty good, solid and beautiful smart phone, unnoticeably taller than a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with a 6.2 Inch display, but a hell shorter and less heavier than the Galaxy Note 9 and with exactly same 6.4 Inch display.

LG V40 ThinQ vs The Samsung Galaxy S9+.

And as for the display, well the thing is, even though for the fact that this thing ships with an Organic-LED display and even with higher resolutions and pixel density than any Samsung phone out there, ehhmm i’m sorry to say, but a lot of people will still drool over Samsung’s AMOLED than the one this phone came with.. But i’m not saying the display on this phone is particularly bad, no.. in fact this is one of the best displays you can ever lay your hands on right now on any LG phone, but all we are saying is, good isn’t just enough for a flagship phone of its range and price..

2. Cameras.. More Cameras, and more Cameras

So for the camera aspect, and just as we’ve been singing it since the beginning of this review, this phone is a bomb and it came prepared..

LG V40 ThinQ Camera.

What we have here are 5 individual lenses that are capable of working either standalone or together, using the triple shot feature. On the rear there is a 12MP (Standard) + 12MP (Telephoto) + 16 (Super-wide Angle) lens, all arranged horizontal on the glass back of the phone, then on the front and sitting on the notch is an 8MP (standard) + 5MP (wide angle) lens.

LG V40 ThinQ Triple Rear Cameras.


Dual Front Facing Cameras On The LG V40 ThinQ.

So this is literally trying to say, in what ever condition or style of photo you want to shoot, the LG V40’s got you covered. And here are some sample shots that were taken using the five individual lenses.





So like i said up there just a couple of seconds ago, apart from taking pictures using any one of the standalone lenses, you can also harness the power of the three by using them all at once in just a single photo.. The feature is called the “Triple Shot“, and what it does is that it lets you press the camera’s shooter button once, and all three lenses will be used in taking the photo at once, and save them in separate individual files, so you have three scenarios of one exact photo.

Then there is also one quite unique feature called the “Cine Shot” or Cinematographic Shot rather… and what does it do.. simple.. it lets you take a photo and select which parts of the photo to be animated, so you have a still photo with some of its sections still moving..

So in conclusion for the camera aspect of this device, now i don’t want it to look like i’m trying to compare or speak bad about one phone’s camera in favor of the other. But the thing is, bringing this phone’s camera up close to other phone’s cameras we have littered all over the places out there, especially phones like the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Note 9, then you will know that the LG V40 ThinQ doesn’t come any close as to be called a perfect photo shooting device.. Good thing it gives you many three different options to shoot with, but if you want superb and top of the line camera performance, then you should look beyond the LG’s V40 ThinQ.. but overall, its a pretty good smart phone with some pretty good five cameras..

3. Performance and Battery

So performance wise, i will say the V40 is unarguably a top of the line flagship device, reason is because, it packs a lot of RAM of 6GB and it ships with the same chipset that every other top of the line flagship phone has been shipping with and will continue shipping with till the end of this year, the Snapdragon 845.

Performance and Battery on the LG V40 ThinQ.

So with a RAM of that amount, and a chipset of this sort, the LG V40 should open and fly through apps back and forth for many several times without feeling like its doing too much of a job. The software or UI of the phone itself had been retouched a little bit to look more simpler than it used to be before, and i think that should also help to greatly improve the phone’s performance.

And then for the battery, well its sad to say for $900+ priced phone, android for that matter, to ship with a 3300mAh Power Battery, we have other smart phones even below this price range that offers more battery, but it seems maybe LG didn’t just see any need for a big battery and they just had to keep it that low. Nevertheless, it ships with Qualcomm’s Fast Charge 3.0 that shoots the phone up to 50% of battery life within a 36mins of Charging, added to that too is Wireless Fast Charging and i guess that’s all for the battery.

4. Price + Other Features That Are Worth Taking Notes Of..

Other features which might excite a handful of people on this phone are things like the phone retaining its 3.5mm headphone jack, just the way Samsung has seen no reason yet to do away with theirs, and added to that too is a DTS Stereo Speaker setup with LG’s iconic BoomBox Speakers at the bottom of the phone. Then the phone is also iP68 Rated for water and dust resistance.

3.5mm headphone jack and boombox speaker on the LG G7 ThinQ.

And lest i forget, this phone actually ships with just a 64GB of storage, but memory can expanded up to 2TB via a Micro-SD card, and i think that is all for the phone.

The LG V40 ThinQ Review.

Then speaking of price, the phone starts at $900, but can be sold for more or less depending on the store you’re buying from..

Alright guys, so this is pretty much everything we had to say about the new LG V40 ThinQ smart phone for now, we’ll be doing a series of indepth comparisons using it and some other top flagship phones within the same range as it, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for free so you wouldn’t miss out on any of these very interesting articles.. But for now, let us what you think about the LG’s V40 using the comments box in the comments section below, and have a nice day afterwards.. #Bye..


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