Infinix Hot S3X Full Phone Specifications, Features, Review And Price

Alright people, so during late last week, we made something like an announcement here about a new Infinix smart phone that’s going to launch anytime soon, and as you already know, it is coming with a notch, making it the first ever Infinix smart phone to ever flaunt the notch thingy. So everything was correct in that post, but except for one thing, which is the actual phone itself. While we were busy speculating that the phone is going to be the next Infinix Note 5 Pro with a stylus codenamed XPen, more leaks and rumors have actually surfaced online, and we can boldly beat our chests right now to say that we are pretty sure of what the device is gonna be, and in case you don’t know and you want to know, the new Infinix smart phone for one thing, yes it is coming with a notch, and for another thing, yes it is launching on the 13th day of August 2018, and for a third thing, well, it is going to be called, the Infinix Hot S3X. Yea you heard that right, the Hot S3-X, sounds more like an Ex-clusive version of the standard Hot S3 that was released a few months ago. So here are some Exclusive.. 🤣 🤣 photos of the new upcoming Infinix Hot S3X..

The Infinix Hot S3X Full Detailed Specifications, Features, Review, and Price.


Leaked Photos Of The New Infinix Hot S3X

And ehhhmm, we were also able to get our hands dirty on some of the specifications of this new smart phone, so there they are below..

The Infinix Hot S3X Full Specifications And Features

•   It is coming in a 6.2 Inch IPS LCD Display that has a Notch on it.

•   The Display resolution will be locked at a HD+ Resolution, which simply translates to a 720 × 1500 (268ppi) in figures.

•   For software, it will be shipped with Android 8.1 Oreo Version out of the box, and the latest version of XOS Hummingbird as well, and of which in this case, is the XOS 3.3 version, but i think i overheard some people saying it will be a Lite version of the said XOS 3.3

•   For cameras, well, for the cameras, i heard this is where the fun is gonna be as with like all Infinix smart phones. So for the first time on an Infinix Hot S device, we are getting a dual camera setup at the back, which will be a 13MP + 2MP dual rear cameras against the single 13MP setup which we saw on the standard Infinix Hot S3 device.

•   Then for the front facing camera, well this might surprise a lot of people including me. Well the Infinix Hot S3 Xclusive as i like to call it, will be shipping with a single 16MP front facing selfie camera which is low compared to the very big 20MP front facing camera that we saw on the standard Hot S3, but sometimes, you gat to know that more pixels or more megapixels in this case, doesn’t really translate to better pictures, as Infinix has assured us that this is going to be the best selfie camera phone they have ever produced. And lest i forget, it is going to come with those camera AI(Artificial Intelligence) thing that i know most of you guys are really going to love.. So don’t start crying just yet, not until we see what Infinix has been hiding up their sleeves for a pretty good long time now.

•   Okay, enough of the cameras bullshit, now let’s go to the processor, storage and RAM section. Well for storage and RAM, first is that it is going to be coming in two variants, a 3GB RAM version and a slightly higher 4GB RAM version, then both RAM versions are going to ship with the same 32GB of inbuilt storage, which can further be expanded for up to a whooping 128GBs while making use of a Micro-SD card. We don’t know if this is going to be a hybrid card slot phone, but we just pray it isn’t.

•   And then for the processors, well, we don’t want it to look like we are trying to disappoint you guys, but the Xclusive Infinix Hot S3 will actually be shipping with the same old Snapdragon 430 Chipset found on the standard Infinix Hot S3, what a big shame if you’d ask me.

•   Then to juice all those things we have listed up there is a 4000mAh power battery that charges up faster than normal using a reliable quick charging technology, i don’t know if it is Qualcomm’s own Quick Charge or Infinix’s own XCharge, but all we know is that quick charging is quick charging, for as long as it doesn’t spoil my phone.. Lol.. And then it uses a Micro USB 2.0 Type-C Port to do the charging thing i just told you above.

•   And then finally… the PRICE. Now i know this is part where most of guys are very sensitive and calculative to see how a olden days Snapdragon 430 processor measures up to 1million dollars. But fear not, now everybody say Fear Not, because you know why? Well i will tell you why, because Infinix nor anybody, has not really said anything concerning the price of this smart phone.. So i am also as blank as you are. But don’t worry, for as long as more rumors are leaking out, we will make sure to keep our ears on the ground so we can let you guys know of any new updates we were able to gather before the phone finally launches. So make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you can be a part of it. And make sure you don’t forget about the day of the launch, it is August 13th 2018. See you there.. Bye.

Make sure you leave us a comment before you leave as to what you think of the new Infinix Hot S3X smart phone, and also subscribe to our free newsletter if you’ve not done so already, so you can keep on getting new good stuffs like this one whenever we upload such.. Bye and have a lovely day..

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