Why AI Will Take Your Job


Artificial Intelligence seems to be the greatest technological wonder of the century. But it doesn’t only help us now. Use of AI by companies is making thousands jobless, and many more people will lose their jobs. Here are reasons why AI will take away your job soon.

Few Will Give You A Job AI Can Do

It would please many if Artificial Intelligence gained ability to do certain things. None of those people wants to lose a chance to earn to AI, but few of them would give you a job AI can do.

AIs Are Usually Faster At Doing Your Job

It takes AI less time to analyse, diagnose and decide than it takes the best human being. One of the reasons people started making machines was to increase the speed of production. Apart from that, the cost of manufacturing things or rendering services have always been big loads to entrepreneurs.

It is good that though AI can work together with either accountants, radiologists or doctors, these jobs need more than speed to get done.

Your Job Can Be Done Without Emotional Intelligence.

Many assume that teachers and clinical psychologists will soon start losing their jobs to AI. They will remain wrong for a very long time, and possibly, forever.


Some AI models are currently being trained on human behaviour by allowing them observe subjects. But a machine cannot be emotionally-connected with anyone.

Here are jobs that promise to remain safe from AIs.

  • bricklaying: it is very hard to make machines that can do our bricklaying, (and even wall plastering or painting). Maybe these are more strenuous than many jobs, but bricklayers do not have to worry yet.
  • surgery: surgeons are not to worry about becoming jobless for now, since tech experts are still unable to make any trustworthy AI to do their work.
  • farming: this is another job that AI cannot take away in many years to come. Though AI models can supply insights, summaries, etc, to farmers, parts of the job like tilling, planting, harvesting, milking the cow, egg collection, and so forth, will still need human effort.
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    A good consideration of why some jobs will be lost to AIs will help you in determining what to do in order to stay safe. If you have one of the jobs on the threatened side, you now know why AI will take away your job.

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