The USA-versus-China Microchip Race Gets Hotter


More countries are likely to join in the melee as the USA-versus-China microchip race gets hotter. Japan and the Netherlands who formerly joined forces with the United States have turned the odds against China substantially. It seems that only China can come to her own rescue. But why fight concerning microchips?

Microchips are the most-desired technologies in the world right now, thanks to their role in the evolving global culture. Our electronic devices, and therefore warfare, are helplessly dependent on different types of microchips. Little wonder why the United States has used its power to affect whether China gets the most-advanced microchips or not.

The only country that pose a threat to United States’ dominion in AI tech and microchips is China. But it is China’s ideology that the United States seeks to deny power.

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As the United States continues to intervene in the heated relationship between China and some Asian countries, one thing keeps getting clear: America must avoid making it easy for the Asian giant to use American-made microchips during warfare. The microchip race between the USA and China promises to be a heated marathon.

However, China who came from behind to become the world’s second-largest economy seems to have no provision for stopping now. Though the best microchips are mostly made by the USA and its allies, China is the largest producer of Germanium and also has Gallium – two materials important to manufacturers of some microchips.


China’s promptly reacted following American-imposed restraints on some companies that sell chips. The Chinese are exercising their power in whether those companies can buy some scarce materials or not.

Since the USA rules in the microchip tech and AI, they need only to control a few things to stay ahead of ambitious China. Furthermore, most tech giants hail from the United States’ Silicon Valley, a globally famous hub in computer-related tech.

China is expected to pump money into two Chinese tech companies in an attempt to measure up. These companies are Huawei and Alibaba.

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