How to Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark iPhone in 2024


Before knowing How to Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark iPhone, one should first know that – tikTok is one of the most popular social media apps that is used for creating and sharing short videos online.

While using the TikTok platform, you may have noticed the watermark that TikTok adds to all videos posted on its platform.

The watermarks that appear on the TikTok videos help prevent reposting without credit.

As a content creator, you may want to remove the watermark if you intend to share a funny or meaningful video more widely off the platform.

How to Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark iPhone in 2024

How to Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark iPhone

You may be wondering how to remove those annoying watermarks from those videos. As a content creator or someone who wishes to post a video off the platform, here are a few easy methods to download TikTok videos without watermarks using just your iPhone. The different options include using the TikTok app itself, third-party apps you can install, or web-based TikTok downloaders you access via a mobile browser.

1. Using the TikTok App

TikTok allows a limited way to save videos without a watermark using just the TikTok mobile app on your iPhone. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app and find the video you want to download without the watermark. Tap the Share icon below it (the arrow pointing outward).
  2. Select “Save video” from the sharing options menu. This saves the video to your iPhone photo gallery without the TikTok watermark.
  3. You can then do whatever you want with the saved video file, just like any photo or video in your camera roll. For example, airdrop it to your computer or share via email, text, or social media apps.

The only disadvantage is that videos saved this way from TikTok will have a maximum resolution of 720p HD. So the quality won’t be as high as downloading the original video file. But it does remove the watermark easily without any third-party apps or websites.

2. Using Third-Party App Downloaders

2. Using Third-Party App Downloaders

If you need to download the highest-resolution TikTok videos possible without any watermarks on your iPhone, third-party apps offer more options. There are popular third-party app choices that offer full HD and 4K downloads plus tonnes of customization features around formats, compression, trimming, and more.

Follow the steps below for whichever third-party app you select:

  1. Install the third-party app from the iOS App Store on your iPhone. Open the downloaded app and grant all the requested permissions.
  2. Give the app access to your TikTok data or account when prompted. This allows the app to link directly with TikTok to save content.
  3. Paste the link to the TikTok video you want into the app’s downloader toolbar. Or find the video using the app’s search feature connected to TikTok’s content library.
  4. Select the download resolution and any other settings you want around compression, format, and file size.
  5. You can then download the video, and it will save directly to your iPhone camera roll, without any TikTok watermarks.

These third-party apps provide the most control and highest video quality but may come with annoying ads. The extra features are also beneficial if you download TikTok videos regularly.

3. Using Web-Based Downloaders

The final option is using TikTok video downloading sites that can be accessed via your mobile browser on an iPhone. Essentially, you visit a site like TikTokDown, MusicallyDown, or SSSTikTok on Safari or Chrome, then paste in a video link to download.


Here is the full process on how to download TikTok videos without watermarks using downloading sites:

  1. In your mobile browser, navigate to one of the web-based TikTok download sites mentioned above (or another reputable option you prefer).
  2. Paste the link to the TikTok video you want to download without a watermark into the site’s toolbar.
  3. Select options like video resolution and format on the website if available.
  4. Click the site’s Download button, and the video file will begin downloading directly to your iPhone camera roll folder.

The benefits of web-based downloaders are quick access with no app installations required, plus no registration or logins on most sites. The disadvantages are pop-up ads on some download sites and limited selection around video resolution and formats.


Saving and sharing your favorite moments without annoying logos has never been easier. With TikTok’s built-in features plus third-party apps or convenient download site tools, you can discover entertaining short videos and then download versions without annoying watermarks. Remember not to re-upload content featuring other users without their permission, according to TikTok’s terms. But removing watermarks using the methods above is perfectly fine for videos you record yourself or share among friends.

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