Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Movie Review (2019 film)


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Movie Review (2019 film) is a must-watch movie for all. It has a story to tell and a lesson that must be learned.

The movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” embraces revisionism, similar to “Django Unchained” and “Inglourious Basterds,” as it commences with the authentic resurgence of an era destined to endure. Both films seize that historical period and present an alternative narrative, providing a cathartic release for the genuine life events that unfolded.

A justified anger fuels a potent emotion. Society unites in the face of a grave injustice imposed upon those undeserving and powerless to thwart it.

However, justice frequently unfolds at an agonizingly slow pace or proves insufficient to redress the committed atrocities. This was evident in the Tate murders, the Holocaust, and slavery.

Helplessness permeates anger; one desires the ability to alter the course of events, to halt the atrocities and administer punishment like a dreadful deity.


Interpreting “Hollywood” in the context of Tarantino’s motivations in light of the aforementioned theory is intriguing. A feeling of unease gripped me while I viewed each moment in the film that featured Sharon Tate. The film showcases her perfect existence and angelic attributes throughout.

Initially, I thought Tarantino aimed to accentuate the sorrow of her murder even more. I was in error. It is possible that Tate’s death was only delayed until the completion of the film, leading some to speculate that other members of the Manson family returned to Cielo Drive—possibly out of revenge.

In my opinion, they miss the story’s main purpose. Tarantino’s film portrays Sharon Tate, who was taken from us in real life, living in an impeccable and extraordinarily prosperous world. Living well is the best form of retaliation.

Is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a Movie Made for Modern Audiences?

Is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a Movie Made for Modern Audiences?

It’s a film by a man who loves movies, for those who love movies and filmmaking.

First, let’s digress. Marvel films are hugely popular at the moment because they keep our attention spans short. They present a straightforward plot, with dialogue lasting for little more than three minutes until fresh colors start popping and joyful hormones flood your brain.


I love the MCU, don’t get me wrong, but I also prefer slow, even drawn-out films.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood doesn’t embody any of those things. Not even one.

I thought it would be a film about the Manson killings before I ever saw it. And Tarantino tries everything in his power to persuade you that it will be precisely that. We meet Leonardo DiCaprio and the incredible Brad Pitt, as well as Sharon’s husband and the two injected characters. The Manson gang is introduced through them.

It tells multiple, unrelated stories. Tales that you think you know how they finish, but the way it all comes together in the end is surprising. This film is primarily recounted chronologically and follows the same plot as Pulp Fiction, minus the gratuitous violence.

It turns out that the film about friendship is what you would have expected to be about a brutal gang—companionship and the challenges of aging while demonstrating to you what performers are like off-camera. During the Western’s filming, DiCaprio was fantastic. Additionally, Pitt, oh my, this aspect of him was missed. He hasn’t had this much fun since shooting Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I’m prepared to wager.


Some criticize “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” as a storyless film. This film tells the tale of Cliff Booth and Rick Dalton, two guys who want to feel valuable once more.

Spoilers Ahead

However, the story ultimately ends with their saving from that pointlessness.

By residing in one house at a time and having the skills and resources to deal with the Manson cult members who came up there, they unknowingly saved the lives of Sharon Tate, her unborn child, and her friends.

They will never realize the beneficial impact their very existence has had on the planet. In my opinion, that is one of Tarantino’s most poignant stories, and it is also a pretty lovely one.

What is so Special about Brad Pitt’s Acting in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”?

What is so Special about Brad Pitt's Acting in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"?

Nothing spectacular was required of him for the job; there was no character-specific physical requirement or climactic emotional scene that would have made his performance stand out.


His portrayal was unique since he had to embody a cool, collected, self-assured man with a dubious past. Additionally, every move and action he does alludes to the person he is.

Consider the scene in which he is high on acid. Not a single iota of overacting is present. He flawlessly executes it; it’s exactly what you would expect from a cool ass motherfucker using acid. No needless exaggerations are used to try to convey the feeling of being high.

Pitt invests so incredibly in the role of Cliff Booth that the façade never falters in a single moment throughout the movie.

While the film itself is not dull or boring, its concept may be, as some viewers were more accustomed to Tarantino’s more recent films, such as Django and The Hateful Eight, which combined dark humor and suspense with action and tension.

In my opinion, Tarantino’s days of action are past, and his upcoming movies will be somewhat slow-moving cinematic masterpieces meant for reviewers and filmmakers alike.


Unless I’m totally mistaken, and everything goes the other way around. With Tarantino, you can never be certain.

What are the Memorable Scenes of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?

What are the Memorable Scenes of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?

Tarantino’s trademark stylistic flourishes, such as lengthy takes, pop culture allusions, and violence, saturate the movie. The video explores the value of friendship and the resilience of the human spirit.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character attempts to give the television western his all. He is asking himself, “Is this my last chance?”

2. The sequences star veteran actor Bruce Dern and Brad Pitt’s character touring the abandoned studio and getting to know some of the Manson “family.”

3. The epilogue presents viewers with an “alternate reality.”


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood focuses mainly on the waning careers of Rick and Cliff. Throughout the movie, Rick dreams of meeting Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski, believing that they may assist him in entering the motion picture business.

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