kung fu Panda 3 Movie Review (2011) | By Jennifer Yuh and Co.


kung fu Panda 3 Movie Review (2011) is a movie by Jennifer Yuh and Co. This is a very popular movie you don’t have to miss out. Personally, I watch this movie on repeat without getting tired.

kung fu Panda 3 Movie Review (2011) | By Jennifer Yuh and Co.

These principles are straightforward yet impactful: helping others be their best selves is essential, being authentic is the key to success, and the energy that unites us is vital. Adopted parents and children are just as genuine as biological ones. No one could have guessed that Kung Fu Panda’s real father wasn’t the goose.

It turns problems like body shaming into a snowball that smashes into the earth. It teaches youth that physical size varies among individuals.

A panda consumes more food due to its size and fat. Praying mantises are tiny and consume very little food. However, that does not imply that they are limited in any way. Each of them is a skilled asshat.

Nothing is quite as significant as learning to appreciate each sight, sound, and item we encounter in the present now, as the film shows us. It’s essential to our contentment. Kung fu training teaches us to concentrate on defending ourselves against our enemies, which helps us live in the present.


Because the third movie’s villain is the worst in the trilogy, it did not impress me. Though it makes him appear more fragile than the other villains, he is humorous. While still good, the final battle wasn’t the best.

But Po’s introduction to his father and the rest of the family was wonderful, and I particularly cherished the bond between a stepfather and a father—something films don’t often portray.

kung fu Panda 3 Movie Review

To be honest? Probably even more than the previous KFP films, HTTYD 1&2, Puss in Boots 2, The Lion King, Rango, Revelations, and Spider-Verse, this is my all-time favorite animated film. Well, it might not be popular; I’m not sure, but it’s my opinion, and that’s all that matters to me.

To begin with, the cast is fantastic. Po is a fantastic lead once more, and his journey in this film is amazing. He battles to overcome a mental block that prevents him from seeing the big picture of his life, and in the end, he achieves inner peace.

I think my favorite Dreamworks villain is Lord Shen. He embodies the complete deal in terms of his demeanor, martial prowess, mental threat to Po, relationship with Po, and depth of character.


It was interesting to see more of the Furious Five because Tigress’s character development and fighting prowess are particularly evident.

I enjoyed the way the Soothsayer spoke with Shen, almost as if pleading with him to change for his own sake.

Shifu was excellent for the little screen time he had, and Ox and Cron were also good. I’ve always liked his dynamic with Po after KFP 1.

Kung Fu Panda is an incredible animated film that undoubtedly enjoys audiences of all ages. I’ll explain why.

1. If you are truly dedicated, it doesn’t matter how strong your body is (Part 1). Kung Fu Panda, being a chubby guy, was able to protect his people from the deadly snow leopard.


2. Realizing who we really are (Part 2) gives us the ability to overcome any barrier in life.

3. Kung Fu ascends to the throne, fortifying and galvanizing his people to battle evil. In life, unity is more strong (Part 3).

The Ideology Behind kung fu Panda 3 Movie

The Ideology Behind kung fu Panda 3 Movie

The idea of a sequel is to make sure that everything that the original left unanswered or unexplored is continued. Keeping with this theme, I believe Kung Fu Panda 3 did an amazing job of grappling with the concept and advancing it rather than just leapfrogging.

The lesson I took away from the film is, “A true power of a student comes out only when the teacher turns him into him.” I realize that seems absurd. But after you see the film, you’ll realize this.


Adding to the following other clear takeaways from the film (spoiler alert):

1. The more you take; the less you have:

1. At the beginning, Master Oogway told Kai, the creator of widows, that the more chi he takes, the less he will have after being beaten and stripped of his chi—a force within you that you have learned over years.

2. In the end, even after defeating every master in China and stealing their chi, he became avaricious and attempted to take the chi from the Dragon warrior, which also contained the chi of all the Secret Panda people.

3. The same greed that first made it possible for him to return to the mortal realm after 500 years also served as the catalyst for his downfall and subsequent return to the spirit realm.

2. Before the battle of fist; prepare for battle of mind:

1. Po’s excitement about making a theatrical entrance remained constant throughout the film.

2. This is significant because, even though Po knew he was unprepared to face his opponent and win, he could still mentally overcome him by making that Superman-like, self-assured entry.


3. By attacking your opponent mentally after doing this, you might give yourself a mental advantage over them and get an advantage in the fight.

3. If you only do what you can do, you can never be more than what you are now:

1. Master Shifu tells Po, the dragon warrior, that to master chi, he must step outside of the comfort zone he is in.

2. He advises him to become a teacher and follow the road that Master Oogway has designated for him.

3. Po makes a valiant effort but fails horribly until he discovers his actual inner self and instructs those who are part of the secret Panda village to simply be who they are—as the message states—and nothing more.


4. Through this process, Po—consciously or unconsciously—steps outside of his comfort zone and transforms into the teacher Oogway had always predicted he would be.

kung fu Panda 3 Movie Animation

kung fu Panda 3 Movie Animation

Let’s simply discuss the animation. It’s excellent and among Dreamworks’ best. I’m hoping to see a wonderful blend of 3D and 2D animation in the fourth movie.

According to some, the best animated films have realistic visuals, while others think they’re imaginative and avant-garde. What is stated by KFP? How about a little of both?

It’s hardly an aberration to suggest, in all honesty, that the KFP franchise served as one of the visual inspirations for the Spider-Verse movie; it’s always been one of the more imaginative film studios in terms of visual design.

It also understands how, in one way or another, to make a moment powerful. Those that spring to mind include the altercation, argument, and incident between Tigress and Po (especially while they were hugging).


This film has excellent storytelling, which every aspect bolsters. Everything in this film—the characters, the setting, the action, the music, the more poignant scenes—works so well together.


The core ideas of traditional Buddhism are that we should accept the past, not dread the future, and focus on living in the now. Of course, accomplishing this isn’t always that simple when you have a thousand and one things to worry about.

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