How to Know Refurbished iPhone 13 | Explanatory Guide


How to Know refurbished iPhone 13 isn’t difficult, all you need to do is follow this guide and read to the end to be properly educated. 

How to Know Refurbished iPhone 13 | Explanatory Guide

Refurbished phones often look as excellent as new because extensive testing has been conducted, and they have been restored to complete working order.

On the other hand, a refurbished phone is unlikely to be shipped in its original packaging and may not include all standard accessories, such as headphones and chargers.

Apple or a third-party vendor commonly refers to iPhones that have been fixed and resold following the discovery of a hardware defect in the original phone as “refurbished” models.

However, buying a refurbished phone has several drawbacks, with the absence of a guarantee and the possibility of unforeseen problems being chief among them, as you can’t check its quality in advance.


There’s always a chance that components can be damaged or missing, and the battery might run out very quickly.

Why iPhone is refurbished?

A used gadget that undergoes checking and reconditioning is an iPhone offered for sale. As it is not brand new, it may show some wear and tear, such as scuffs on the screen or the cover. The renovated state indicates the extent of worn signs.

Ensure to check if it comes with a warranty, carefully read any paperwork, and purchase it from a reputable network or shop. Additionally, you can be certain that the phone will be as good as new when it arrives and will not have any data from its last owner.

You will get a fully cleaned and inspected reconditioned gadget, along with original Apple replacement parts if necessary. Refurbished iOS devices come with a new outer shell and battery as standard. We will include the necessary operating systems, cables, and accessories for each device.

How to Know Refurbished iPhone 13

Below are carefully written articles on how to know refurbished iPhone 13

First Step: Checking the Model Number

1. First, understand the common indicators of a reconditioned iPhone.Many times, you can tell if an iPhone is refurbished or not by just keeping an eye out for these indicators:

  • You will get to see that it has “worn-out or absent accessories”
  • cracks or fractures on the actual iPhone
  • Improper packing


  1. If the first letter is “M” or “P,” your phone is a retail original model.
  2. If the first letter is “N,” your phone has been refurbished by Apple.
  3. If the first letter is “F,” your phone was refurbished by a carrier or a third-party seller.
  4. Check for a reconditioned iPhone by examining the initial letter of the model name; it will indicate the current status of your iPhone.

Second Step: Checking the Serial Number

 If the phone you’re buying has been activated, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s refurbished; however, this process will weed out people attempting to sell a phone as “New” when it’s actually used.
Access the Settings of your iPhone, a grey app typically found on the Home Screen with gears.
  • Press General, located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press About, found at the top of the “General” page.
  • Scroll to the “Serial Number” section, which should display a list of letters and numbers, such as ABCDEFG8HJ84.
Note this code, as you will be entering it into Apple’s database.

Visit Apple’s Check Coverage page.

Thired Step: Visit Apple's Check Coverage page.

  • Open the web browser on your PC and navigate to This website allows you to enter the serial number of your iPhone and check if it has ever been enabled.
  • Put the serial number of your iPhone here.
  • On the “Check Coverage” tab, enter your iPhone’s serial number in the text area in the center.
  • Input the code for verification.
  • Input the code shown in the jumble into the text field beneath it. The purpose of this code is to make sure that you are not a harmful application.
  • Select “Continue.”By doing this, the diagnostics screen for your iPhone will open.

Check the status of your iPhone.The message “This phone has not been activated” will appear at the top of the page if the phone is brand-new.

If the individual selling it is trying to pass it off as a brand-new phone and you can confirm that the iPhone has been activated, you might want to look elsewhere for your purchase.


Even if they appear brand-new, refurbished iPhones can not come with their original accessories or packing. In the reconditioning process, wear and tear are inspected. It is recommended that buyers check warranties and make purchases from reliable vendors.

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