How To Call From Unknown Number: 3 Easiest Ways to Hide Your Phone Number


How to Call From unknown number is very easy when you know the right steps to take. If you want to call your friend, spouse, or girlfriend and you don’t want them to know read about the 3 easiest ways to hide your phone number in this guide.

How To Call From Unknown Number: 3 Easiest Ways to Hide Your Phone Number

Let’s be honest – there are times when you might want to make a phone call without the other person knowing exactly who you are.

Thanks to caller ID, whenever you ring someone up from your mobile or landline, your name and number pop up on their phone. Not ideal if you’d prefer a private conversation.

But don’t worry – you have options for making an incognito call and hiding your identity. It just takes a few simple tricks.

The easiest way is to dial a special code before punching in the number. For example, if you’re calling someone in the US from your cell or landline, first enter *67. If you’re calling from Nigeria, input #31# first instead.


By using these special codes, the person on the other end won’t see your real caller ID. So instead of your name lighting up their phone, they’ll probably just see something vague like “Private Caller” or “unknown.”

Pretty cool that it’s so simple to make your call untraceable, whether you just want privacy or to surprise someone special. But use this new trick carefully and ethically of course!

How To Call From Unknown Number: 3 Easiest Ways to Hide Your Phone Number

If you want to make a phone call without the third party seeing who is calling see steps to take below:

1. Using code to Hide Your Caller ID

Here is how to use code:

  1. Open the phone dialer on your mobile phone 
  2. Dial the country recognized code for anonymous call. 
  3. Enter the full digit phone number you want to call
  4. Hit call

The nice thing about using codes is that it works for both cellular and landline calls. And it’s only temporary – your caller ID will display normally for subsequent calls unless you use the code again. So you have full control over when you want to call anonymously versus when you want recipients to see your real number.

2. Hiding Your Number via Android Settings

If you have an Android phone, you can hide your caller ID by changing the settings in your Phone app. Here is how:

  1. Open your Phone app
  2. Tap the 3-dot menu > Settings
  3. Tap Caller ID and spam protection
  4. Switch “Show caller ID” to off

This will prevent your phone number from displaying when you call someone. Keep in mind that hiding your caller ID in your settings will make all calls unknown by default. You can also hide your number on a Samsung Galaxy device specifically:

  1. Open the Phone app
  2. Tap the More menu
  3. Select “Settings 
  4. Click “Caller ID 
  5. Finally, Click on “Show caller ID” and turn it off

3. Contacting Your cellular Carrier 

Another option is to contact your cellular carrier and ask them to defaultly hide or block your phone number from being shown when you calling someone. This way, you don’t have to dial a code or adjust settings every time. Just call up customer support and request to make your caller ID private.

While this method blocks your number by default, the carriers allow you to unblock or unhide your number.

Why do You have to Call with an unknown number?

There are a few common reasons why you may want to hide your caller ID when making calls:

  • You want privacy when calling a stranger or acquaintance
  • You don’t want solicitors or companies to have your phone number
  • You need to call someone who has blocked you
  • You are checking up on a spouse or partner suspected of cheating

Calling with an unknown number can give you absolute control and limites who has access to your contact information. But, you should know that continually calling someone you don’t know from a private number could be viewed as harassment, so use good judgment.

Disadvantages of Calling with hidden Number

Disadvantages of Calling with hidden Number

While hiding your caller ID can be useful in certain situations, there are some downsides to consider as well:

  • The recipient may not answer calls from unknown numbers
  • You may appear suspicious or untrustworthy by hiding your identity
  • Emergency services cannot identify your number and location if needed
  • Your calls could be mistaken for spam or fraudulent calls

So, if you are reaching out to a friend, family member, or professional contact, it’s best to display your real number so they recognize you and answer. Keep anonymous calling only for circumstances that truly warrant privacy.

Codes to Block Caller ID by Countries

  • Albania – #31# (mobile) 
  • Argentina – #31# (landline), #31# (mobile)
  • Australia – 1831 (landline), #31# (mobile) 
  • Bulgaria – #31# (mobile) 
  • Canada – *67 (landline), #31# (mobile) 
  • Denmark – #31# (mobile) 
  • France – 3651 (landline)
  • Germany – #31# (landline), #31# (some mobile providers) 
  • Greece – _31 (landline), #31# (mobile) 
  • Hong Kong – 133 
  • Iceland – _31 India – #31# (only after network unlock)
  •  Israel – *43 (landline), #31# (mobile) 
  • Italy – *67# (landline), #31# (mobile) 
  • Japan – 184
  • Nepal – *9# (NTC prepaid/postpaid phones only) 
  • Netherlands – _31 (most carriers), #31# (KPN phones) 
  • New Zealand – 0197 (Telecom or Spark phones), *67 (Vodafone phones)
  • Nigeria – #31#
  • Pakistan – *32# (PTCL phones) 
  • Romania – _31 
  • South Africa – _31 (Telkom phones), #31# (mobile) 
  • South Korea – _23 or 23# 
  • Spain – 067 (landline), #31# (mobile)
  •  Sweden – #31#
  • Switzerland – *31# (landline), #31# (mobile)
  • United Kingdom & Ireland – 141 
  • United States – *67 (most carriers), #31# (AT&T), 1167 (rotary phones)


Whether you have an iPhone, or Android phone, you can easily make anonymous calls by inputting the recognized or allocated code before the number you are dialing. For frequent anonymous calling, change your actual phone line settings to hide your number by default when possible. Just be mindful of when it’s appropriate to call with unknown number versus using your real caller ID. With the right context and restraint, blocking your number can be useful for maintaining privacy.

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