Final Destination 5 Movie Review (2011 film)


Final Destination 5 Movie Review (2011 film) is another great movie that tells a story you will love to learn from. It’s for both the young and the old, in short, it’s for everyone and I will explain so you understand better.

The movie Final Destination illustrates the significance of destiny or the natural course of life. It defies the rules of nature for someone to evade death due to their powerful sixth sense or gut instinct. Everything will transpire according to plan in each person’s destiny.

Arguably speaking, humans are unable to avoid death, the inevitable conclusion of all life. Thus, embrace life and all that it has to offer.

Deaths occur at random, and no one can link the deaths. Then, it turns out that throughout the previous ten years, they were all drinking from a tainted source. The plot’s surprise reveals that the contamination was removed before someone who could see into the future drank.

A Last Destination movie wouldn’t be the same without Tony Todd, so his involvement adds interest because most sequels don’t really bring much new to the story other than perhaps a new tidbit to aid the characters in their struggle for survival.


In the movie, our hero or heroes try to figure out what went wrong, identify who is impacted, and attempt to redeem them.

What is Final Destination 5 Movie About

What is Final Destination 5 Movie About

The plan of Death is unsurvivable. Even though the movies reveal ways to prolong life, in the end, you would still die. Also, neither has been shown to function well over a long period.

1. Isolation:

Following the events of the first movie, Clear Rivers locks herself up in a mental hospital. Even though it can save many obvious and horrifying ends, one will still have to endure the inevitable quietus.

For instance, Alex attempted a similar technique in the first movie by shutting himself in a cabin in the woods. Even though he thinks he has rendered the surroundings impenetrable, a rusty hook almost snags him.


He uttered, “Tetanus,” in response to it. Well done. I failed to notice it. Clear might have succumbed to an aneurysm or even pneumonia if she had stayed in that room.

2. Stealing Time:

Taking another person’s life to prolong your own is the second strategy. Predestination is the key factor that ultimately establishes the method’s validity.

You can prolong your life after Death has marked it if everyone is born with a set death date that cannot be changed—not even by Death—and if time-stealing is an acceptable workaround.

You might easily pad your time if you took a child’s life every few years. However, could you truly live with yourself?

It doesn’t matter how much time you steal if the converse is true—that is, if death is preordained but can be changed by Death—because the original owner of the time you stole was not guaranteed to live.

A brain tumor that would have killed a person in five years can be removed. To extend your own life, you would have taken those extra five years from them.


Death chooses to change the course of events and alters the original cause of death, which was a brain tumor that would have killed the person five years later, to a vehicle accident that would have happened two weeks after you murdered them.

The Main Character in the Final Destination 5?

The Main Character in the Final Destination 5?

Student Alex Browning

High school student Alex Browning, along with his classmates, departs from John F. Kennedy Airport on Volée Airlines Flight 180, a Boeing 747, for their senior trip to Paris.

Alex predicts that just before takeoff, a mechanical malfunction on the plane will cause an explosion in midair, killing everyone on board.

Other characters in the movie Final Destination 5?

The film’s major characters are
  • Ms. Valerie Lewton,
  • Billy Hitchcock,
  • Carter Horton,
  • Terry Chaney,
  • Clear Rivers,
  • Alex Browning, and
  • Tod Waggner

Is Final Destination 5 Based on a True Story?

Is Final Destination 5 Based on a True Story?

No, the plot of Final Destination 5 is not real. This fictional work is part of the Final Destination film series, which centers on the idea of characters escaping death only to have it chase them in a variety of inventive and exciting ways.

The films about the final destination were incredibly conventional. However, they were a hit as horror films. They attracted and frightened people.


Each one of them started with a large-scale, gory scenario. The bridge collapse in FD5 and the log-truck pile-up in FD2 were my two favorites. These are large-scale sequences that could serve as the film’s climax. They frequently merit admission fees on their own.

After this, we then enter the Rube Goldberg deathtraps. The camera lingers over all the commonplace objects in the scene as people go about their daily activities. Viewers scratch their heads, trying to figure out how these commonplace items could be the cause of people’s deaths.

Both you and I own a good number of these items in our houses. The audience frequently notices warning indications of impending danger that the characters miss. Determining how the characters die is the trick, not whether they do or not.

The filmmakers tease the characters and then unexpectedly kill them. Here, the important thing is how to get there, not where you’re going.

It’s a ploy, a kind of trick, but a very shrewd and adaptable one. Numerous films have featured a slow-moving, knife-wielding murderer. That is an outdated trick. Additionally, there are only so many ways a zombie can murder you. However, the FD series never failed to innovate.


Also, a large number of these unexplained deaths had actual accident histories.

Who lives at the end of Final Destination 5?

Sam and Molly

After Final Destination 5, Sam and Molly reunite and enjoy an after-hours meal together at the upscale restaurant where Sam works. The unlikable Peter (Miles Fisher), another survivor of the initial bridge fall, is not in good health.


The movie talks about Sawa, a young person who has seen a vision of a devastating plane catastrophe and escapes death. Before the explosion, he and a few of his classmates manage to escape the aircraft, but Death eventually claims the lives of those who were supposed to perish there.

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