How to Track a Phone Number in Nigeria (4 Best Methods)


Knowing how to track a phone number in Nigeria if your phone gets stolen is something everyone should know about.

Nowadays there are a lot of phone thefts in Nigeria due to one negative reason and excuses or the other.

But you shouldn’t be careless with what you have, especially a mobile device you use for business because there are a lot of important contacts you might never get again or even if you take some time and you know, time they say is money.

We also observe that during festive periods like Christmas, easter, and ceremonies people’s phones go missing.

There are a lot of people coming to such places, some with a positive intention wholesome comes with a negative impression. So you have to safeguard yourself from such people, don’t be a victim.


I rather prefer that my phone got bad which can be fixed at any time sooner or later.

The exciting thing will always be that your phone number i.e. your sim card is safe with you.

Anyway, we are not here to judge you, we are here to help you on how to track a phone number in Nigeria if you find yourself in this condition.

Some of us have experienced these things and we have learned it the hard way.


And God forbid, we won’t allow you to pass through the same process that we had. We are going to show you how you can do it yourself without much stress.


How to Track a Phone Number in Nigeria

Track a Phone Number, By Making Use of IMEI Number

Tracing the location of a mobile phone number is feasible, but the effectiveness and precision depend on various factors.

A unique approach involves using an IP address to track the location of a mobile number.

How to track a phone number in Nigeria using the following method.

1. By Making Use of IMEI Number

To quickly locate a lost phone using its IMEI number, use the Find My Lost Phone service.

Enter the IMEI number to get the precise location, or the last known location if the phone is off.


There’s no limit to tracking, but exceeding 20 numbers in 10 minutes may cause a brief delay.

Keep in mind that a turned-off phone can’t be tracked via IMEI. In case of theft, render the stolen phone useless by requesting an IMEI block through your service provider, making it practically unusable with any local SIM card.

2. By using Google Map

To use this service there are a few things you need to do to make it works for you.

1. Install the Google Maps app on your device or someone else device.

2. Now enter the phone number of the person you wish to track in the search bar.


3. After that is done, press “Enter” or “Search.”

4. The final step to take is for you to allow a few moments for Google Maps to display the precise location of the individual based on their phone number.

2. Contact Your Mobile Network Provider for Assistance

Your mobile service provider has all the details you registered while getting the sim from them.

That is one of the reasons why they ask you for your details so that if anything should go wrong they will help you out.

They have the equipment and technology to track your phone wherever it is. So you should reach out to them so they can help you out.

3. Report it to Law Enforcement Agencies

The Nigeria police force is capable of tracking a lost phone by making use of what we call “cell tower triangulation”.


With this system in place, the police have the right to access phone information.

And this is only done when they have been given a license to operate. One of the outstanding permissions given to them to carry out such duty is in the case of a suspect in a crime or if there is a missing person.

They have to ensure safety is put in place so they are allowed to operate that way.

4. By Making Use of Some Special Apps/Software

Every smartphone has a GPS location in it, this si why it always prompts you whenever you send apps or media files to a friend using Zender it will ask you to turn your location on.

By making use of a GPS Tracker API/App there is bound to be a dynamic location tracking.


In case you don’t know, if you track somebody’s phone without their consent you are in trouble as it is an illegal act unless it’s your phone.

I recommend you try the Spynger app, which offers features for parental control and device security, including real-time GPS tracking and geofencing alerts for finding locations using phone numbers.

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