Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 2023


If you have watched the first Aquaman, I’m sure you don’t need to be announced to that this new one will be so much better. Get ready to plunge back into the vibrant underwater world of Atlantis, because Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 2023 is just around the corner!. Scheduled for release on December 22, 2023, this sequel promises to be an action-packed adventure that will further expand upon the DC Extended Universe.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 2023

The Plot:

While the official plot details remain shrouded in some mystery, the released synopsis offers a tantalizing glimpse:

“An ancient power was unleashed, Aquaman must forge an uneasy alliance with an unlikely ally to protect Atlantis, and the world, from irreversible devastation.”

Whispers hint at a powerful artifact known as the Black Trident, sought by a malevolent force from the depths, potentially triggering an ecological cataclysm.

After failing to defeat Aquaman the first time, Black Manta wields the power of the mythic Black Trident to unleash an ancient and malevolent force. Hoping to end his reign of terror, Aquaman forges an unlikely alliance with his brother, Orm, the former king of Atlantis


To combat this threat, Aquaman may be forced to team up with none other than his half-brother, the vengeful Orm. Will this uneasy alliance be enough to avert disaster, or will Atlantis succumb to the rising tide of chaos?


Familiar faces from the first film are set to return for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 2023.  Led by the charismatic Jason Momoa reprising his role as the titular Aquaman. Amber Heard will once again portray Mera, Aquaman’s fierce love interest and queen of Xebel, while Patrick Wilson is back as the power-hungry Orm, constantly scheming for the Atlantean throne.

Other returning cast members include:

  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is the formidable Black Manta, seeking revenge against Aquaman for crippling his father.
  • Nicole Kidman as Aquaman’s mother, the Atlantean Queen Atlanna.
  • Dolph Lundgren is King Nereus, the ruler of the Trench and Mera’s father.
  • Temuera Morrison as Vulko, the wise Atlantean mentor who trained Aquaman.

New additions to the cast include:

  • Vincent Regan as Atlan, the ancient king who created the Black Trident.
  • Randall Park is the mysterious Stingray, a friend of Aquaman from the surface world.

Release Date:

Mark your calendars for December 22, 2023, because that’s when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters worldwide. Get ready to witness breathtaking underwater visuals, epic battles, and the complex dynamics of family, duty, and environmental responsibility.

Why does Amber Heard have so little screen time in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Director James Wan has explained that Amber Heard’s reduced role in the upcoming Aquaman sequel is intentional. He wanted the focus to be on the relationship between Arthur and Orm as they team up against Black Manta. However, this doesn’t fully explain why Heard’s role has been almost absent from the movie’s trailers. We realized that Arthur and Mera got married and had a child between the first and second films, there has been little publicity featuring Heard.

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