Infinix’s Upcoming Note 10 Pro Phone Leaks, Reveals Design, Key Specs, And More.

Infinix phones are not really the type of smartphones that you see all the time, taking turns in making waves on the internet with various leaks and rumors of upcoming models.

But, it seems that the soon-to-launch Infinix Note 10 series are gonna be some kind of special devices, and today, we have some fresh leaks, showcasing the Note 10 Pro’s design, and some key specifications.

To start with, a real-life image of the retail box of the Note 10 Pro has popped up recently on the internet, and from there, we can see some of the key specs of the phone.

Aside from the fact that reliable sources like GSMArena and Gizmochina have stated that the Infinix Note 10 Pro is gonna be wielding the same 6.95 Inches sized display as its last two predecessors, it has also been stated that this display is gonna be rocking a 1080p resolution, which will, in turn, be equipped with up to 90Hz refresh rate.

A first for the Infinix Note series. Though older Infinix Note phones, like the Note 6 had a 1080p display, but that one was locked at 60Hz.

Infinix Note 10 Pro

Personally, I don’t know if Infinix is still gonna be sticking with the traditional LCD panels that they’ve always been known for a long time now, but I feel that things are definitely due for a change, seeing that most manufacturers and direct competitors like Xiaomi, has taken the bold step, and crossed over to using OLED panels on their affordable Redmi Note lineup.

So, Infinix no longer has an excuse here as to not using OLED panels on its next line of Note phone.

Aside from the display, the Infinix Note 10 Pro has been stated to come with a Helio G95 processor at its helm of affairs, as you already saw from the leaked retail box image above, and this chipset is gonna be mated to up to 8 Gigabytes of RAM, which will, in turn, be wired to up to 256 Gigabytes of internal storage.

The phone will boot Android 11 with Infinix XOS 7.4 Dolphin version out of the box, and powering it will be a 5000mAh battery tank, which can be refilled via a 33W superfast charging system.

The phone is likely to spot the same rear and front-facing camera setups as the Note 8 before it, which consists of a 64MP main sensor, who knows, Infinix might throw in an ultrawide sensor this time, a macro lens, and a depth sensor.

While on the front, will be a 16MP front-facing snapper.

As of the time of writing this article, we really don’t have an idea of when the Infinix Note 10 smartphones are gonna be announced, but seeing the amount of leaks so far about these phones, I bet that the launch date for them is not far ahead.

So, kindly let us know what you think about the Infinix Note 10 Pro in the comments section below, and also do well to give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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