Infinix Note 7 & 8 Android 11 Update Roadmap – The Sad Reality You Must All Accept

When will the Infinix Note 7 and Note 8 smartphone lineups get updated to the current trendy android 11 version? In fact, will these phones ever get updated to Android 11 version to begin with?

Infinix Note 7 & 8 android 11 update

Well, to answer these questions, I’ll simply start by saying;

First, your Infinix phones that fall under the Note 7 and 8 lineups, these include the Infinix Note 7 Lite and the Note 8i as well, if everything being equal, they might be getting updates for android 11 at no specific time this year, and at the same time, they might not even be getting the update at all.

In fact, the possibility of them not getting the update at all is far greater than that of them getting it anytime this year.

And this is because, since the inception of Infinix phones from 2013 till now, Infinix has never been committed to pushing out new android version updates to its users, and that is one sad reality that y’all have to accept and live with.

So, sorry to burst your bubbles, but your current Infinix Note phone, and when i say current, I mean the one you’re holding in your hand right now, won’t be getting any android 11 update, simply because Infinix thinks that sending out new android version updates to their old phones is a very silly thing to do, and it’s not worth the time and money that will be put into doing that, and they also think that their customers are stup*d enough to buy their products, so in return, they don’t deserve a new android version update.

The only time a couple of Infinix phones have ever gotten a new android version update was; first, on the Infinix Zero 4 and Note 4 devices way back in 2017, and that was a one-time update from Android 6.0 Marshmallow, to Android 7.0 Nougat.

The second one was with the Infinix Note 5 devices when they got two major new android version updates, and this was from Android 8.1 Oreo which they came with to Android 9 Pie, and later on, they also got updated from android 9 Pie to Android 10, and this only possible because the Infinix Note 5 devices were running under the Google’s androidOne program, so software updates weren’t totally handled by Infinix, but by Google itself.

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Even when most of their competitors such as Xiaomi and Oppo are always up on their toes, making sure that most of their devices always get at least a one-time or two times update to the newest android version, Infinix thinks it’s not necessary at all.

What they do instead is to manufacture new smartphones with the new android version running in them, and urge people to buy them. So don’t be surprised when you begin to hear of new Infinix smartphones like the soon to launch Infinix S6, Hot 11 and even a Note 9 is on the way as we speak, with all of them running on the said android 11 version, while the old ones keep languishing with the old android version in which they came with.

So once again and in conclusion, I know that this is one hard pill to swallow, but it is simply one which you must swallow if you’re using an Infinix smartphone like the Note 7 and 7 Lite, and the Note 8 and 8i in questions, no android 11 version update for you.

Right now I know you’re sad, but still do give this article a thumbs up by sharing it if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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